Friday, October 12, 2012

Nights of The Dead 2012

A new holiday reward, mummy wrappings! 

I'm always tempted to return to EQ2 when the holidays hit, there are so many fun activities and new stuff is added each year. More crafting, new rewards, new quests. Over the years the amount of events for Nights of The Dead, the Halloween event, have really accumulated.

I've been enjoying myself in the world of Norrath again, it isn't hard to fall back into step of things within the game. The holiday events reward fun items to wear for appearance, as well as lots of housing items, and there is even a pumpkin pet to grab this year! Plus, they reward monies and xp! The instances can be solo'd which is a real nice pace from other games, you don't have to be at the high end of the spectrum, anyone can participate in the events, something that I really like. While I am playing on my main this year, it has always been nice to be able to participate with lower level characters over the years too.

Thus far I've been taking my sweet time, there are a lot of quests, some can be repeated for different rewards, there is candy to collect for crafting, lots of new crafting goodies this year too! I cannot wait to fill up my house with some of the new and old items!


While there are changes that have come to EQ2 that I don't agree with, overall the game is much more robust and interesting than it was when I first started, I was a late bloomer and started playing in 2007, not having a video card that supported the game until then. Times were tough and things like that were out of reach. When I first started though, the game had changed a lot already and it was a place of awe and wonder for me. It tied to my first memories of the original EverQuest but it was a completely different world, yet it still felt like something I knew. Add in that I have the title from my original EQ server, it pulls even harder on my heart strings.

Anyhow, if you haven't popped into EQ2 to check out the holiday events, you really should! They are fantastic and the rewards are great. There is SO much to do. Plus, with it going F2P it is even easier to log in and check out events. EQ2 Wire has a few great links to check out listing the quests and items from this year as well as the past events, you can find them here.

Hunting for candy!

I now wait on WoW to release Hallow's End, I do hope we get some new stuff this year. I also hope GW2 has something special planned, I really want to see how holiday events fare within that game. Much to look forward to!

Have a great weekend, Ghouls and Boils ;)

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