Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Look- Knight Age And Sevencore

I still love to check out new free to play MMO games. I was reading about some new releases recently and read about a cute little game called Knight Age and decided I had to download it and try it for myself. It is a lovely little game with bright, cartoony graphics, the characters have a chibi look and are pretty adorable overall. The graphics have their own charm and give the game a unique feel. The camera focuses in and out as you come closer to scenery in the world, giving it a shaded yet tangible feeling.

I only played about an hour but I did enjoy myself. This game offers a pet system and mounted combat. At level one you get your first pet, after leaving the tutorial you can run around and grab eggs, which you can slowly carry to hatch them at the 'pet trainer'. For each pet it seemed I gained a title, which was a nice bonus, who doesn't like titles?

At level five you gain your first mount, which gives you a small bonus to your character as you assign stats to it, also speed increase. Questing is pretty simple, nothing new here, basic theme park  Combat was fluid and smooth. The game also sports a nice UI which is easy to get a feel for and laid out with a clean feel. 

I spent a lot of time running, well, walking rather slowly, to the trainer to hatch pet eggs, which was quite fun. I wonder what this egg will hatch? I almost got to level five but it was time for bed and I'll have to pick it up another day. This game is by Joymax, they also are known for SilkRoad and SilkRoadX, both older games but ones I played years ago and really enjoyed. I also noticed they have mobile games in the works, I'll definitely be checking those out.

Pros? The game has an auto-routing system, which is always awesome. Nifty pets and mounts, speedy XP gain, smooth combat that doesn't drag out, talent trees, clean UI, lots of direction with quests, job boards, active community, dungeons and groups- I saw a lot of LFM. Cons? The quests seemed to require me to kill a higher and higher amount of mobs as a leveled up, I suppose questing could get a bit dull. Classes are gender locked and not a huge amount of customization, better than a lot of other games I've tried though, plenty of faces, hair and skin colors.

Just wanted to share some thoughts on the game. For a free to play it has a nice feel, doesn't seem to heavy on the cash shop to play, mostly things you might want on the side. A real fun game to putter around with if you are looking for something fun and laid back. I did see a lot of other players, currently there is only one server. As far as I can tell there are PvP areas and duels, for those who want that type of interaction. This is one I'll be keeping on my HD as I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this game!


Next up I decided to try Sevencore, GPotato's latest MMO. I've read some good things about this game and seen some really nice screenshots, so why not? It is nice to hop around and try out some of these free to play games, they seem to get better and better. I've enjoyed Allods, as it is one of the most polished F2P games I've played over the years so I thought I'd see how the latest addition was holding up.

I suppose you can call this game... Interesting. It is dated in graphics, even on high they seemed aged. The last 'new' Gpotato game I invested time into had been several years old when it hit the Western audience and  it also had dated graphics, despite the fact it was a great game, sadly the plug was pulled before the game was out for a year, over here. That game was Prius.

Anyhow, the game, as I said, is interesting. Supposedly there are pets you can use as mounts, and cool vehicles, later on. Hitting level seven I managed to grab one only to find it lasted five minutes, very cool feature as you could hop on and off the mount and it would follow you, a boar.

The combat is okay, a bit sluggish at times and fast others. The worst thing is that if you are a caster and you run out of mana, you basically have to run away. I didn't understand this part. The game is very heavy on use of food and drink to use while in combat, a huge turnoff for me.

The game does have some nice aspects but all in all it is pretty dated feeling and needs some tweaks. It is alright for free to play but there are a lot better out there currently, it the regen system was tweaked it might hold my interest more so. The character models had an 'Aion' feel to them, or even close to Lineage 2. Overall it is a pretty game with a neat technologic feel but I didn't get how it all tied in. I have read that the game has a lot of depth, so it may be worth giving it some time.

If you're bored and looking for something to kill some time with you might find the game fares better in the later levels. I just wanted to try it out and see how it was. I don't have room on my plate for this game currently. Compared to Allods it doesn't shine very brightly, I really am sorry to see this publisher close one dated game just to release another, which could potentially close down the road too. The game does have charm, it just wasn't what I was looking for.


Aw well, try them out yourself! Just some first impressions on some games that caught my eye. Like I really need to play MORE games? I just cannot help myself! Safe adventures!

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