Sunday, October 28, 2012

GW2- Halloween- Act 3

Well, Act 3 rolled out finally. Dire and I logged in a few minutes early, in anticipation. Very cool cut scene, got a few pics (pictures at the bottom).We partied up and headed into the instance for this act, on our own. At our levels it took a full party, after we died many times he got sick of repairing, trying to find a group, have several fall apart, finally Dire logged. I don't blame him, he's tired and works a lot. So I decided to try it with some strangers. I was excited, I had to complete this!

This event requires you to have a group. Why not just make it like the other events, thrown into this with a group of random people? The art was nice but if you're not good at jumping, you'll not enjoy this. I'm actually not too bad with jumping, I enjoy it most of the time. However, I do sometimes have hand/wrist issues and today my hands are stiff today from the cold weather and I had a really hard time jumping around on some of the platforms. Not fun, not cool.

We did it, I managed to catch up, hold my own, throw some heals. I think I did a good job, rezzed up party members when they died. Mad King Dies, chest spawns, I'm kicked back, somehow, off the side. I couldn't get back to chest before party disbanded, thus the game kicked me out of the instance. I felt like someone had kicked me in the face, all that for nothing? I did get some points and chattering skulls, yippy. Maybe nothing good was inside, maybe something great, who knows, I just logged out in defeat. (It can be ran multiple times, no thank you, I've had my fill)

Final thoughts? I don't think I will be logging back into GW2 again for a very long time. Dire was disgusted as well. I can say was this wasn't fun, it was tedious, wrapped up with pretty graphics. Sure, just a holiday event, but this is my bread and butter, stuff like this keeps me playing games, or in this case, pushes me away. Well at least it was pretty to look at, right? /Rude to you, Mad King. I prefer the old you, from the old game :( At least you rezzed me after you killed me.

For those of you who missed it, you're better off. Here's some pics for those who wanted to see what the big deal was about. A five second cutscene.


  1. I actually soloed it not knowning it was a group event. I had to use 3 repair canisters because I died about a dozen times, but I was able to finish it. I then ran it 2 more times in a group, much much easier, but didn't get anything good out of it.

    Overall I liked it, it was a bit comical, had easy/medium jumping games (if you jump from the right spots) and a somewhat challenging boss. B+ if I had to give it a score.

    1. I liked the idea, the Mad King and all, it just wasn't that fun with a lower level character. I heard a lot of people were soloing and duoing it but we were on the lower end. We also spawned a ton of the candy mobs at the start, not knowing what was going on, lol.

  2. This was easy to me and my friend. We entered Asap after the cut scene. we finished in 20 min just the two of us I'm lvl 43 and he is lvl 62. Dont worry about the chest I have ran it five times and only got green crap not even Halloween exclusive but you can get pieces of the mad kings Armour in the chest.

    1. It was a very cool event, I just didn't enjoy it with all of the jumping. At least I completed it once. I also think some classes could duo it much better than other combinations. Was a bit rough with ours. Maybe next year I'll give it a go with another class.




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