Friday, June 3, 2011

Prius- First Look (OB)

Yesterday was the first day of open beta for Prius Online, a new gPotato title- Not the car! Ha, I have been saying that to people more than you'd think. It looked interesting, and I'm always up for something new and interesting when it comes to my games, so I decided to download it. Turns out I like it very, very much. Which doesn't always say much with my track record and sticking with games. I just play so many, what can I say- I love too many games. However, this one already has a lot of neat things that interest me and I don't feel bored or lost after hitting level ten.

So far I've gotten to ten and I have a lot of positive things to share about the game. First off it's not one of those rush through everything and level, as well as kill, as fast as you can. It isn't so slow you'll fall asleep either though. It might be a nice pace for some who are tired of the big rush- rush thing though.

The graphics have charm. I immediately saw the huntress class and I thought, I want to be one of those! I wasn't sure if it was a cool NPC ranged character on the screen but it wasn't, I was pleased. The characters look good, it is more of a cartoony, anime feel, but I like it. Some of the areas are rather....barren. Not many but a few corners where there isn't much centered. I can look past that, not a huge deal. Most of the areas have a nice feel to them, I like things not too cluttered up either. Combat is fun, not as fast as WoW but not as slow as EQ.

Some of the neat factors in the game? There are travel mount-paths all over where you will be questing, they run on the land and help save a lot of time, at a good price too. Portals leading to different places help out as well. Such as the portal to your very own place in the game, a sanctuary just for you. Sort of like pre-decorated housing with a bank and other helpful things all rolled into one. I rather like it, it adds more allure for me.

The anima system is very interesting too. An anima is a helpful female 'childlike' creature that is your travel companion. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a pet. It can do all sorts of things such as rez your character to casting buffs and spells. Plus you can dress them up. I just call it my baby... Ha, ha. Everyone gets one and it is a big part of the game. You'll gain access to the (chain) quest for one at level ten.

The game interface may feel a bit clunky, at times, and it really isn't shiny and new, the text in the game is sort of dated looking, the maps are ugly but they do their job- I can get past that stuff. Not the biggest deal, it isn't hindering my function in the game. Combat is fluid enough too. I don't feel I am floundering with anything which is nice, plus there is a quest helper system which saves a lot of time. Any game that has one makes me a very happy gamer. And the graphics are quite enjoyable without being too intense, something else I prefer.

The classes are gender locked and that may bother some. I don't always like this, but really I am playing what I want, so it isn't really bugging me at the moment. I prefer not to have gender class constraints.

Starting areas, they vary depending on what you start out as. But the fact is there are multiple starting areas and that is a nice breath of fresh air, especially after playing some of the games I have lately. I poked into a another starting area and found it very nice and very different from where I was questing. I like games that offer multiple starting areas, helps break up the monotony when playing multiple characters.

Really, just some first impressions. I didn't expect to really like the game as much as I do, I didn't know much at all about it either. I shall be playing it this week getting a feel for how it fares through the teens and possibly beyond. If you're looking for something fun and free, check it out. It will be cash shop oriented but currently there isn't one and I have not really needed anything from one.

If you want to download Prius, go here. The actual site still has the CBT splash screen up, odd I know. However the link will take you directly to the download page. I leave you with a picture of the UI and... I really don't know what that is.

What is that beside me? I can't figure out if that is a male or female.
It has been bugging me since I started. (Male, lol)


  1. Gpotato...after the deal with their cashshop and Allods I've blacklisted them. Hopefully they won't do the same with Prius but the way they tried gouging everyone with their insane prices...

    sorry to be a sour face but my hatred of gpotato knows no bound :(

  2. In Allods the CS was never my biggest beef with the game. I never felt inclined to buy anything.

    I just wasn't a big fan of combat in that game. I've played other gPotato games fine, in the past.

    Nothing is for free in this world though, I don't mind paying a little something to fund a game I truly enjoy. So far this game is quite a bit more enjoyable than Allods. Did you ever play Allods?

    These are my current thoughts on the game and I haven't had any problems or complaints. I didn't want to overshadow things comparing it to Allods.

    It could be a flop, for now I am really enjoying myself :) Only time will tell.

  3. The quality of the F2P games are so much better now than they were a few years ago. I'm not that much into f2p MMO's, but having a nice variety to choose from is always a good thing.

  4. Definitely, FTP MMO games are of a much higher caliber than they were years ago. Nothing wrong with them either, most premium games offer cash shop items too anyhow. People seem to look down on FTP still, but really there isn't any reason to do so.

  5. @Kaozz

    Yeah, I did play Allods back in beta and was even looking forward to it... cash shop ruined it though because it was mandatory to pay overpriced items... I would rather have paid a subscription.

    But enough of that. Graphics looks great and I love the super creepy minion girl you have following you around :)

  6. Ah, I didn't know you played too!

    What pushed me away was the horrible combat. It probably has to be some of the worst I've ever engaged in, in any mmo, lol.

    So far this new game surpasses it in many ways. It might not be as shiny but it's pretty fun.




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