Monday, September 24, 2012

Watch For Pandas Crossing!

So, who's doing the panda thing tomorrow? You know, the new WoW expansion, MoP. I was considering holding off, but you know me, if you happen to stop by here often, I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to games. Plus, I've been really excited about several things that come with this expansion, new areas for one, our own farms, new hunter pets, new pet battles, new companion pets! I still have to order it though.

Over the weekend I've been in a drug induced haze, lots of pain on top of that, I had another dental appointment last week and now I have part of my jaw bone showing through my gums, pretty creepy, I know, think about how I feel! Another dentist appointment today to check that out, probably more meds. It has been exhausting and draining thus I have not played much at all, my dailys in GW have suffered, I can't remember when I last did one. But since we got new phones, I've been able to veg out and play on that!

We got a fantastic deal on the Samsung Galaxy S2, the deal was too good to pass up and all three of us got one each. They are so awesome, huge screens make good for gaming! We had very, very slow phones (the Ascend 2, started out with the Ascend) when it came to doing anything other than Angry Birds, and even that force closed on us pretty often. Huge upgrade that I've really been wanting to make, especially since I use my phone so much. My brother got the iPhone 5 but I really prefer the Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 over the iPhones, love the huge screens, love the feel of the phones, how they run, just really happy with Android as well. I've learned a good bit about it over the last few years, why change now? They are much more flexible in my opinion. I've read that Android is more for the Techy bunch and I agree it probably appeals to us more. While my brother would prefer everything built in, instead of how I like to tinker and tweak.

I have tried out Order and Chaos finally, which is a bit harder to get the feel of with the control on the left side, but I'm getting the hang of it, it just makes me want to log into WoW, lol. I've also been puttering around The Sims Online, but that has a lot of waiting, you can't queue anything up either. Other than that I've been trying a lot of games out. I picked up a cool free game called Heroes Call, which is great, Pocket Legends has been fun too, then Happy Street (lol, it's cute!), and My Dragon. Kind of like a kid in a candy store! I still have many more I want to try out, and I've been trying all kinds of neat, new apps and playing with some of my old faves, like Flipboard.

Well, that's about it for me today, wish me luck at the dentist! */cowers* Hopefully I'll have good things to write home about from Pandaria! Dire won't let me neglect GW2 for long though!


  1. All the best for the dentist appt, I had a wisdom tooth out recently, not pleasant!

    Also I'll preempt the MoP experience, having tried it in beta I know that it cannot compare to Tyria, IMHO ;-)

    1. Thanks, it went rather well, just a bit of time for healing, so wiped out this week from it! Right now I'm debating a nap or playing MoP, going to see how long I can stay awake, lol.

      It is definitely going to feel weird after playing GW2, glad that is free so I can hop back and forth to both games! I haven't really played WoW until yesterday, since GW2 came out!




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