Sunday, September 23, 2012

Eye Candy

Just a quick post with a few pretty pics. I've been really busy lately so I have not had a lot of time to play my games. I also got a new phone, which is pretty amazing! We got the Samsung Galaxy S2, T-Mobile had an amazing deal on them last week, online, basically (three phones) free with a contract, after the rebate. It was due time to move on to another provider and time for some good new phones. Now I'm playing all those mobile games I've been drooling over, like Order and Chaos, the Sims Online and puttering around with a lot of fun stuff!

I hope to pick up MoP and play around with it too. I still have so much left to do in GW2, but there is a lot I want to do with the new additions to WoW like the farms, pet battles and I want to also make a cute little panda! We'll see what happens.

Have a great week, just throwing out a few pics!

Still hanging out in GW2, been very, very busy lately and haven't been on as much, but having a great time when I am on.

I really want to get MoP , will just have to see how things go. Oh how I want my own farm!!


Playing the Sims Online, on my new phone, pretty sweet game so far!
Hey, that's me ;) Playing with my new phone, hehe. 

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