Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Day in Pandaria

Mist of Pandaria is finally here. It has been an expansion I've been really looking forward to, adding a lot of neat content and fun things to do in WoW, which is always a great thing in my book. I managed to do the Theramore scenario the day before the xpac went live. I ended up with two DKs and it went very smooth and quick. I was happy to grab my tabard and get it done. All in all it is a nice change to have small groups made up of any spec/class. I look forward to doing more of these.

I picked up MoP yesterday, getting in rather late. I've not been feeling well for almost a week and I'm at the point where I think I have dry socket with my tooth so I have really been out of it, yet another dentist appointment today. But, that did not hold me back, I had to get in yesterday at some point and look around. I did get in the beta but didn't spend too much time looking around, I wanted everything to be fresh and new.  

I can't really give much of a first impression but I did enjoy myself. I wasn't too keen on the first starting area with the battle going on, too much chaos, corpses everywhere and respawns were nearly instant, but that is always how it is on release day. Once I got past the first entry quests, it got a little better. I even ran off to tame some interesting pets. More on that later.

The music is interesting and the world of Pandaria is gorgeous. I really love the look and feel thus far. The quests have been decent, there have been a few that really made me laugh, I love humor in quests, and I haven't had any problems with spawns as mobs are spawning like there is tomorrow. It does feel weird to be tagging mobs and not helping other people as much, a change from Guild Wars 2. But these games are apples and oranges. Each have their strong points.

I also played around with some pet battles, something else I have been excited about. I enjoy these, very laid back and relaxing, something casual to do on the side, a much welcomed activity. I snagged a cute little black lamb pet, love the fact you can capture more pets!

Hunter pets, I like how things have changed in MoP with pets. Any pet can preform any role, say you want your cat to tank, it can now, really neat that you can basically go with a skin you like. My first pet in MoP was the cutest little porcupine. He's very small and it is hilarious to watch him charge and tank everything. He's about as small as a 'mini pet', just the cuteness factor alone is worth having him follow me around!

It is nice to be playing again, I took a few weeks off for GW2. I do miss the depth that this game offers when it comes to collecting things like pets and mounts. The game has more of a solid feel in terms of goals, there is a lot to pick and choose from, more direction and structure in that aspect. Something I did miss in GW2. Having mounts somehow makes the world feel bigger, like you can really explore it.

I'm excited about getting my own farm too, that is still a ways off, I haven't even made it past the Jade Forest yet! I am taking my time and enjoying it. I expect it won't take too long to hit 90 though. We already had our server first 90's hit just as I was starting out in the new areas, lol. I also made a panda girl, need to set time aside to level her, gives me something else to look forward to.

So, that is it for today. Just some thoughts on my first day in MoP, enjoying myself and the expansion for what it is, lots more to do and look forward to, exciting!

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