Monday, September 3, 2012

Shiny Stuff (WoW)

This morning I was finally able to take time to log into WoW to check out the patch. As excited as I was over the past few weeks, I didn't think I would have waited this long. The game wanted to update and do some file check which took ages, so last night I let it go while I slept.

All in all I am pretty happy with the changes except for mounts. I may end up sending my hunter back to the Horde, for one reason, many of the mounts I worked on with her did not transfer to my Horde chars, so I have 100+ on one side and maybe 19 on the other. Account bound I thought, instead it feels faction bound. Things like the white polar bear mount swapped over by my bike and mammoth mount (the one with the vendors) didn't swap over too. She's started as Horde and swapped many times over the years, what's it matter anyhow? At this point does it even show which char flags these items on which side? My albino drake went over, which was odd, since the others didn't.

I have no idea what to do on talents, I need to sit down and look at them on all my characters. All I wanted to do this morning was look at new shiny stuff. I found a few new pets floating around in my pet window too. Nuts the squirrel, I suppose I hit the quota for him, then a little firefly. Well, I'm glad the pets were not as stingy with which side they want to be on, heh. They were all there, glad to see them on all my characters. Titles went over easily too, now I can give my alts titles. Also something to note, I had to log into each and every character for the mounts and pets, as well as achievements, to show up on the others.

The druid had a new fun form to run around with. The white stag, which converts cheetah form to a white stag, and another player can ride, speed increase is only 40% though. Very cool, had to run around with that for a few. My DK changed his pet into a geist, had to run around with that for awhile too, much cooler than the ghouls. Was almost like Christmas morning, in WoW, lots of new fun stuff to play with.

My hunter no longer can use her melee weapon, her bow was sitting in her bag and I had to swap out weapons. The bow does show on the back which is nice. It feels odd not having a melee weapon though. Wish I hadn't wasted so much time farming some melee stuff for looks. Or perhaps her stat stick, I spent a pretty penny on it. I suppose it would have been moot anyhow, when the expansion hits. Oh, I can also get a glyph that makes my pet loot for me. I'll have to try that out later.

Lots of neat things in this patch, lots of cosmetic changes with glyphs, fun stuff, like druids charming woodlands creatures for an hour. I like seeing the game add fun little fluffy things. Overall I am impressed with this patch, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Just some thoughts that popped into my head, I've really been meaning to pop in to check out the changes but I've been so sick over the weekend and anytime spent on the computer was on GW2, when I wasn't in a drug induced haze sleeping, heh.

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