Sunday, September 2, 2012

Eye Candy

Another day, another vista. Some of these are a real pain, overall I like them.

A pretty view from a vista.

More vista hunting... 

Found a random chest in a cave.

Hunting in the forest.

Really love the smaller outposts and towns, they have a nice charm to them.

Carrying some zappy, sparkly stuff for a quest.

A wall between that vista and I.

Just a lovely view I thought I'd share.

That's a biiig shark!

More lovely scenery. soaking it all in.

Admiring Twig's land, she created an island.

Hanging out, admiring what a lovely job Twig did with her land.

Trying out Twig's floaties by her new island.


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Now the Island looks even more beautiful and things are more completed looking mwahhhh! lol Great pics on your post here!

  2. Thanks, you did a lovely job on the island, will have to post up newer pics too!




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