Thursday, September 13, 2012

Postcards From Tyria- GW, GW2

Pre-Searing Ascalon, in the first Guild Wars. It's still hopping, one of my favorite places in Guild Wars, it is so beautiful there. My mini Prince Rurik birthday present along with me there, fitting eh?

Adventuring through Nightfall. Love the sky in this game, it is always so beautiful to look at.

Heading to Eye of The North.

We ran across a Norn. 

Gwen, all grown up, far from those Pre-Searing days.

HoM scrying pool.

My brother started playing GW2, so very excited about that. Him and I working on his storyline quest. 

Yarrr... Watch out for my wooden sword.

Another shot of my brother and I, just playing around.

A rainy, but lovely, day.

I take way too many shots, my screenshot folder filled up last night, had to make an 'overflow' folder, lol!


  1. I'm trying really hard not to buy GW2, but it's proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be. It looks good, sounds like they have done some great things and it solves one issue I had with GW - it's an actual MMO.

    1. I didn't plan on buying it so soon but I just heard so many GOOD things about it, I am very glad I did. It is quite refreshing, especially if you enjoy it for what it is and what it does right, instead of comparing it to games like WoW, Apples and oranges!

  2. I actually got this from the Misses the other day but due to some account issues wasn't able to start until today. With MoP dropping less than thirty minutes from now, I decided to hold off even making a new toon as I know a Monk is in my near future ^_^

    I glanced at the pretty pictures but didn't want too much info till I dig into it myself. The graphics look a nice mix of spiffy and stylized, though!

    1. Oh, I hope she likes it, will have to keep us posted on that! It is really a gorgeous game, my eyes felt funny when I logged into WoW yesterday after playing so much GW2 lately lol!

      Hope to catch you guys on soon, going to start the grind to 90! Just grabbed the expansion, exciting!




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