Monday, September 17, 2012


Not an MMO related post today, just a quick one about a great app I stumbled across over the weekend, it is called Flipboard. If you're like me, you use your phone to follow a lot of blogs, read many different sites, and you're probably checking into Facebook or Twitter as well! This app combines them all into a very nice presentation. Plus, it is just fun to just flip through it all!

I follow a lot of blogs which I read daily, I read a lot of news sites too and this little app combines them all into a really great experience. It is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate through, it also has the look and feel as if you're flipping through a magazine.

I absolutely love this app! It really is awesome and makes it feel as if everything is right there at your finger tips. Just thought I'd pass it on, I've been looking for new apps for my Android and this one has been one of my faves!


  1. how does it work? do you just add the link to the flipbook? and can you add anything?

    1. Aye, anything that has an RSS. It is really easy to search for them with it too, most anything I've looked for pops up. Facebook, Twitter are handy with it too. I absolutely love it. Though atm it has issues with FB login, but they say they are working on it.




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