Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hall of Monuments, A Visit

Hall of Monuments!

Going backwards a bit this week. Yesterday I got it into my- sleep deprived- head that I should work on some HoM stuff in Guild Wars, or at least utilize the few points I had to use in Guild Wars 2. Years ago I had an account all the way up to nightfall, five level 20 characters decked out in cool gear, with all the campaigns pretty much completed, boy do I kick myself now for losing all the account information. Anyhow, I do have a new account that is about two years old or so, which linked up, at the time I wasn't interested in anything to do with Hall of Monuments because it was like poking a stick in a wound, it still stings, but I think in time I may do more... maybe. Right now I've about had my fill but it has been interesting and I am glad I did unlock the HoM.

I've never set foot in Eye of The North, this expansion I grabbed with the others because it was too good of a price to pass up, I'm glad I did though, that is where the Hall of Monuments stands, in the cold, snowy drifts of the North, where you also meet the Norn. First off you have to have a level 10 character to even start to make way there. No, you can't just magically teleport there, well not until you've accessed the quest that leads you there, much to my surprise. Most of you probably have done this well before now but for me it was new and interesting.

The Fissure... Head right in? Leading to Eye of The North.

My highest character that could most easily get to HoM was only five (stop laughing!), but heck if I was going to let those points sit there! I wanted those appearance items! I used my nightfall character. From here you also get access to some great hero's to add to your party and the questline is very easy to grab (for HoM access), if you start on another continent you have to be able to get to Lion's Arch. Plus, I'd recommend doing the quest at level ten if possible, you still gain access to even more heroes' and you get 'buffed' up to 20, in stats and strength while you reside in EoTN.

Anyhow the trip there was grueling at times. Working on unlocking a tapestry is still a lot of work, I did some but I am putting it off for awhile because I'd rather be playing GW2 right now. You can't just pop in HoM and add things, you have to add ta tapestry to each section, which is a bit work. But it leaves me a nice list of things to do when I need a break or run out of things to do in the second game, I'm glad the options are there. Even though most sane people were unlocking them before the GW2 release.

Lovely statues along the way, probably one of the lovliest areas, too bad most of it has you on a timed run for your life!

The fact that things felt grueling was, at times, I really pushed it, when I slowed down my pace I enjoyed it a lot more. The game is still very lovey with the scenery, if you stop to look around and explore you can find things like side quests, which is always nice. GW is still a good, solid game, lots to do, while grindy at times. It has a different feel from Guild Wars 2 in a lot of ways but the controls were easy to pick back up on as most are the same, except you can't jump, heh. But the space bar has a lot of good uses in this game; picking up items or auto attacking, auto follow and so on.

But the plan was to get to the HoM and unlock it so I could use my points and get back to GW2! In doing so I came to find out more about the Asura race too and even gain one for my party! It was nice to see more backstory. That part was definitely worth doing it for. So after defeating many packs of mobs, climbing through caves, through slippery icy cliffs and so on- As well as a little bit of a grind to ten, which was a bit grindy when I ran out of quests and had to grind out Sunspear rank one, I was getting closer. Oh the joys. But I pushed myself, eyes bleary and my mind fuzzy, I finally made it to the Hall of Monuments!

Doesn't look like anyone has been down here for awhile...

Once there I met Gwen, if you played the game through prophecies you will remember her from Pre-Searing Ascalon. She also joins your party as a hero, a monk. I unlocked a tapestry, looked in the scrying pool, wandered around a bit, wondering how to add my slew on mini pets from birthdays, but that is another task for another day (another tapestry required), which I have started but it requires a lot of work.

For me it was worth it. I gained access to my appearance items, which are quite lovely on my little necromancer. I still need to try them on my ranger but he has stuff for appearance on currently, stff that I don't want to lose the look of. If you have some points sitting there, it's worth it just for the story, the items and just the coolness factor. Once back in GW2, you can grab a teleporter stone to HoM in lion's arch, over in Hooligan's Route, from Scornheart.

Now the pics! I took way too many screenshots, I'll try not to post them all! BTW, you gain three free points for linking a GW2 account with a GW account that has EoTN. This means you can buy three appearance items. See what you have here with the HoM calculator.

 Guild Wars:
more awesome statues.

This way, follow me, I see the portal!

We learn about the Norn and the Asura and portals!

Hall of Monuments!

Inside! What it should look like, unlike mine.

Lots of Asura (GW)!

Guild Wars 2
My necromancer in GW2 reaping the rewards.

Awww... Bunnies!! Just a cute pic I had to add!


  1. I really enjoyed doing Eye of The North. Still haven't finished it but I did enough to get six points. I wanted to get the tabby cat, which I think was eight points but I'd done all the interesting stuff. I ought to log in and open all the mini-pets from the recent birthday, come to think of it.

    I also had an old GW account from launch and no idea what the log-in or password was but I did still have the original box. It took a week but in the end ArenaNet got me up and running. Very good customer service, if slow. And then I promptly didn't use it but but added all the expansions to a new account anyway!

    1. Eye of The North is a lot of fun, I can still participate with my lowbie char, I like that a lot. Yeah, I had a lot of them waiting on me, think this was the second B-day this month.

      Glad to know I'm not the only forgetful GW player when it comes to that info. I locked myself out of a few emails and it was tied to one of those I think. Hence why I write everything down now, lol. I have too many email addresses but I tie them all to one now. I was hesitant to link GW1 and 2 but I had used the same email and it automatically did it, glad I did!




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