Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catching Up

The dynamic duo, get it? ;)

I've had my nose buried in GW2 lately. I'm pretty happy with the game. It is easy to jump into, wander around, do events, and join other people while still soloing. I really enjoy the flow the game offers. It is different and can take some getting used to. I'm quite content with the game, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

I haven't really messed around with my main lately, because I've been playing around with alts. I still very much enjoy my ranger, I need to work on him some more, just been feeling like I wanted to try some other classes too. The necro is fun but not quite what I was looking for, I like the pets but I find most I don't even use and just end up switching them out for more helpful abilities such as healing wells. She is parked at 20, I might pick her up down the road.

A class I did not see myself playing was the guardian, which is now my latest alt and possibly my new main. The class is very sturdy and fun. It was so hard picking which weapons to use because they are all so damned fun! I can play as ranged or melee, I love switching that up. Right now I went with scepter/torch for dps, events, soloing- then mace/focus for when I need more support and heals, those times when I need to dig my heels in and stand up against something toe to toe. The class is fantastic, I really feel flexible and supportive. Lots of support, heals and survival. I can see why the class is so popular, I will be mostly working on this one for the time being, having a wonderful time playing it. So yes, I'm kind of backtracking and starting up another character but I'm having a great time.

Dire made a warrior to go with my guardian and it has been neat playing them together. He tanks a bit better and I heal a bit better so it works well. His engineer is nearing 40 and has passed up my ranger, I'm thinking he is enjoying the warrior a bit more, as sometimes kiting with the other classes can be tiring.

I've tried to get back into WoW on the side, or thought about it. All I can think is how I don't feel like competing over nodes, playing in a world alone doing dailies, the only activities with other people are groups where GS rules, or raids, ha... Then I think I'd rather just play GW2 and not deal with any of that. We can all harvest, all play together with events, the world feels alive and I don't feel as if the end all be all is locked away in a silly dungeon. I did have fun in dungeons years ago but they were different. Things changed.

I mean, I can't even do the new scenario event leading up to the expansion, with my horde main. His gear score is simply too low, not by far but enough to lock me out. It isn't even worth working on that this late in the game, he's my newest 80, it just wasn't worth it to work on this stuff this close to a 'gear reset' a.k.a expansion. My hunter can, she's my alliance main. I may run it with her. I'm still soured that the one silly event leading to the expansion is an 85 scenario locked behind a GS number. It sort of validates that the game isn't what I am looking for these days.

But I do miss WoW sometimes, I've played it since release and I still enjoy it. Not as much as I did years ago though. I'm sure I'll play MoP, though Dire has made it clear he has no interest in doing so. He's perfectly content in GW2, it is much more of an accessible game for him and his schedule. And we once thought WoW was in many ways, heh. I did manage to log in this morning, it has been some time since I last did, and for some reason the camera and graphics triggered a yucky headache. Happens sometimes when I get used to another game. But there was a server restart so I'll have to poke back in later. I do want to play with new talents and try the hunter out since the melee weapons and range restrictions are now gone!

Other than that, I'll be spending more time in Norrath soon. I've been reinstated as a guide in EverQuest and I look forward to spending time there. While I don't play it as much as I once did, I really enjoy this part of the game, assisting other players and playing behind the scenes in a way. I look forward to starting back soon. I won't be sharing my name or server, because then I'd have to bury you in my backyard. Just kidding! I don't have a back yard, I'd have to find another place. =p

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