Thursday, September 27, 2012

Enjoying The Mists

Mists of Pandaria has been very refreshing for me. I'm enjoying the new scenery, quests, pretty much whatever is around the next corner has been interesting. I had wanted to play my Death Knight up first but the Hunter won out at the last minute, I just couldn't resist the pull to tame new pets! It was hard to choose but I have plenty of time to level the others.

I've also been playing with pet battles a bit on the side, over the past couple of days,  I have to say that it is pretty addicting! Wandering around trying to level some pets, capture some cute critters to build my army of cuteness with, perhaps we'll take over Azeroth one day. This is one of my favorite features with the expansion, it is laid back and very enjoyable, a nice change of pace from raiding, PvP, and dungeons-the whole 'Go! Go! Go!' thing we see all too much of these days. My son has even been interested in checking the pet battles out and popping in to play up some of his favorite pets. He's not taken enough to start playing again so he just plays on mine when he feels like it, which is fine with me. I think it would be something he really enjoyed it he ever started playing again.

I haven't had a ton of time to play but I am almost 86, I'm far behind the masses but that is fine with me, things were a bit too crowded for my likes. Though our server (Silvermoon- US) didn't have queues, which I am grateful for. I love the music with this expansion, I have played a lot of Eastern MMO games in the past and it sort of has the charm a lot of those do, I absolutely love the music and scenery on the games that focus from that origin. I have to stop taking so many screenshots, but there are just so many beautiful places, I cannot wait to move through the zones to see it all!

I eventually want to play a Monk, I have one sitting there with a name reserved, first there is so much else I want to do with the Hunter, plus I just finished up leveling another 85, I sort of need a leveling break from those old zones! I think pet battles will help break that up next time around, or so I hope. 

MoP isn't a revelation to the MMO genre but it does add some refreshing things to the game, the pet battles, scenarios, and other things like farms, they all give me new aspects of play to look forward to, while still feeling at home within the game. I'm pretty happy with things thus far, I think it will be a lot to hold my attention for a good chunk of time. I'm far more impressed than I was with Cataclysm but I did enjoy leveling through that expansion and a few things like archaeology. 

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