Wednesday, August 8, 2012


All aboard, F2P is here... Kind of. 

Did you hear? I sure didn't. Vanguard went F2P yesterday, or rather they launched a F2P build where players can log in free (without a sub) and the cash shop is accessible. I was a bit confused and had to dig around on the forums. I was wondering tonight when I was reading the forums, as I thought we still had a week to go. No real word on the forums or the official site either, unless you dig. But if you want to log in and check out Vanguard SoH F2P it's available. Currently I cannot get back in, not wanting to bother with it so late.

It appears, if you do not have the default UI set up, you cannot access the cash shop, well, unless you do some tweaking, there is a forum post on this. I could not even see it and I only had infomap as an addon. There are some kinks to iron out still and the 'social servers' seemed down or bogged; mail. Most of my armor I could not use, might have to play around on an alt until I do station access this weekend.

However, you can log in and play any class/race (now any CLASS can be ANY race) combo to 20, then you need to sub (there is a bug they are looking into where some are locked under a sub still) or unlock through the market. Characters created before this build are grandfathered in, yay.

The cash shop looks rather robust, from what I hear, I couldn't actually see it. I'll probably need a fresh install of the game, sigh. I plan on poking around later this week and over the weekend if time allows, Dire hits the bit three-oh in a few days and is taking some much needed vacation time, so we'll see.

Is she picking her nose? What?
Speaking of SOE, SOEmote went live as well. Last time I checked voice chat was down, oops. Honestly it looks neat but I couldn't really care about a function like this. Where am I going to put a webcam on my flat screen monitor? Okay, I could somehow rig one up there if I cared but...  I don't. I can see it now- "Your character looks crazy, man!" Crap, could they tell I was picking my nose?  Seriously nobody needs to see my perpetual scowl anyhow, heh. I'm old school, I prefer typing over voice, this is like an overload for me to take in. Way too much. I don't need to hear and see what everyone is thinking. I like it that way.

I'd much rather see development go into actual game-play. Oh stuff like cash shop mini dungeon tickets? No. Have you heard about them yet? If it was a one time purchase for fluff dungeons I'd be all over it, don't try to sell me tickets like you do keys in FREE REALMS!  Step right up!

Me and my cute clockwork beetle, freebie TCG loot. Gloam Invasion area.

Free Realms. Been awhile since I logged in there. FR got some content love, finally. There is now an event, sort of. The glade is under an invasion-  Gloam Invasion. There really isn't any info on the official page but the forums have some tidbits, nothing really directing. If you want to check it out head to the Shrouded Glade. Fun enough event, decent xp. Used a lower level job there, for the xp, 14 and it's been fine so far, 20 is overkill.

There are many mobs out in this open zone that do attack, a first for FR. It felt a bit odd being out in the world with mobs chasing everyone. A nifty change in my opinion, loot goes straight to the character too. Worth a look if you enjoy the game, something new to do, some new loot, a couple of house items and pets I have read.

Trying to 'fly' to the cap... 85 here I come!
Mostly I've been working on my baby DK, in WoW. He's almost 65 now. Trying to hang in there, it's not too bad. Dire has a 77 Shaman I'm trying to catch up to, then we can head to Cata together. Been reading about the expansion and it is looking mighty fine thus far. I'm getting excited. Druids are getting a snazzy new travel form too! So much exciting stuff, looks to be a great expansion with lots of choices of what to do.

I have read that players can ride on the druid, while in this form. Not sure if it is true but very cool if so!

That's it for me, safe adventures!

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