Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meanwhile, in Norrath...

Step right up! Buy a ticket and pick a game.
Every week EQ2 has a new item added to the market place, or almost every week, this week's addition would be the Goblin Games Ticket. Basically you buy one, play a mini game and get a chance to win something cool. I figured I'd try all three games available, just to see what it was about, I had SC sitting there anyhow. Are they worth it? Are they fun? How to play these games? Basically you buy a ticket from the marketplace and right click it in the inventory, and use it. Fun? That might be a matter of opinion.

There are three games, one you feed goblins lots of grubs, basically you click on them until they are full, running back to the goblin chief when you run out. There are five and the game is easy, really, there isn't much chance of failure unless you fall asleep. The second I tried was the memory game. If you really have a horrible memory you can always take a screenshot. With this game you have to remember which item was in each (four) square and then find it in a pile of junk and place it where you saw it first. Simple. The last one was another memory game, remembering which totem lit up in what order, not hard at all.

The good thing is that these games let you keep trying until you win, your ticket doesn't poof if you lose. The bad part, these games are on the level of Freerealms, by that I mean they feel as they were aimed for a young audience, not that much fun, done too fast and the rewards would take a lot to save up to really be useful for much of anything. Now, they want you to be able to finish them, I understand that, but I think a different sort of instance would have been more fun. I like the idea, the tickets are not that expensive, only costing 100SC (one USD dollar). Are they worth it? It seems to me you'll either get lucky or you could spend a lot of cash trying for what you want.

If you don't win the great items you have a choice of a potion or two goblin tokens, I ended up with six tokens. If I wasn't doing this for the blog I might have felt like I threw three bucks down the drain. Don't get me wrong- I don't mind funding a game I love, I don't mind one bit, but I am a subscriber, I do spend in the cash shop, I buy each expansion has it hits or pretty close to and honestly I do not like these types of things within my games. I don't like random chances for real life money. So, I don't think I'll play these again, if I do it might be randomly if I have bought some SC and have a 100SC left. They were not enough fun for me to really bother with them again. I had visions of fun carnival type games or something, I don't know.

It is a neat idea, I had thought the games might be more fun, maybe some cool loot drops along the way perhaps? If you don't win the big stuff maybe you could win other fluff items of lesser quality, or something. This was basically Simon says with a chest to loot at the end. I hate to be brutally blunt but that's my honest opinion. I'll share some pics to give some of an idea of what it was like.

Shows all the items you COULD win. 

First instance, feed the hungry goblins.

they go from red to yellow to green once they are fed, click on them to keep feeding.

Chest at the end.

Hrmm, I wonder what goodies could be in there?!

Oh... potion or a couple of tokens. Sad face.

Hows your memory?! I actually didn't look at any of them, lost and had to start over, lol.

Round two! Remember where they are! LOOK this time!

Now go find them and place them.

What totem lit up first? 

On another note, EverQuest has some really cool illusions out this week. I REALLY wish they'd keep up on the website more and forums letting us know what has been added, but it never seems to happen when it comes to EQ. Thought I'd share some pics, they are too cute, makes me want to buy one of each! I probably will once I pick back up on playing more. Oh, they are too cute, did I mention that already!

I've also yet to find many people using the hero's forge appearance gear in-game. You can preview some of the items as well, in PoK, if you're curious. Right beside the soul binder, or you could even check in the Bazaar, I'm sure there are tons in there already! Thought I'd share a pic of one of the plate items for the chest. Kind of bulky but I hear there are more in the works, something recently on the forums. You can find more pics here.

Plate hero's force appearance item.

Nihil male illusion.

Nihil female illusion.

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