Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eye Candy

My Rl brother started playing SL recently! I had to get a shot of us together :)

From left to right: Twig (my RL mother), Miter (my oldest SL friend), me and my RL brother, Heritik. Shopping, lol. Very hard to take shots as Twig and Heri never seem to stay still for long, a miracle I got this one! Oh, and a new friend to the left of us, she was shopping around I suppose, heh.


Hyjal. Hot, hot, hot!

Finishing up the Hyjal quests.

Entering Deepholm.


WoW has a thing for airships, I think the only other game that has so many would be Allods, then maybe EQ2.

Deepholm isn't my favorite zone but it has some cool looking places.

Stalking a giant for a pic, love these giants in Deepholm.

Is it time to leave yet?!

I'm outta here... *Hearth* Vanlorian, my DK hit 83 last night.

Puttering around in EQ2 yesterday, in hopes I would find an ethereal weapon.... Which I did NOT. Maybe today?!

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