Saturday, August 25, 2012

Adventure Log (EQ2, EQ, WoW)

Of- Lanys T'Vyl!

I suppose everyone and their brother will be playing GW2 this weekend. I do plan on getting it but I'm not going to go and jump in when I already have so much I'm working on with my games. I made the mistake with TSW and I want to hold off awhile with GW2, it does look fun and I hope everyone enjoys the early launch! I've already been reading some blog posts about it and it is nice to be able to hear about it even if I'm not playing it, I get to see how people are reacting and what their thoughts are.

Me, I'm excited about the WoW patch next week. It will be like Christmas getting the shared account pets and mounts on my baby DK. He's sitting at 84 now, I hope to have 85 by Monday. The last two levels seem to be the worst, they were going by in slow motion, lol. I have a lot I want to get done before the expansion; trades, working on skills like cooking, fishing and archaeology, and I'm going to get to work on that stuff next week. I really am enjoying the class and plan on leveling him through MoP first. I suppose I've played the hunter and druid classes for years and years so the DK is refreshing to me. I've had an 80 DK, it was my first 80 when WoTLK hit, but she is on another server and I had sold off all her gear... Oh, I wonder why I do what I do sometimes, heh.

Things felt much better when I left Deepholm to head to Uldum. I really love Uldum, it is such beautiful zone and has a lot of fun quests. I'm now finishing up my last level in the Twilight Highlands, not a big fan of this zone. The quests leading up to it slow down leveling and I just want to be done with it, I've already been through this before on both factions.

In EQ2 it seems gold subscribers get three free goblin tickets for the new games in the cash shop. I logged in this morning to use them, getting only coins, but I wasn't expecting much from that. So, if you're a gold subscriber you may want to check for those in the /claim. I am not sure if station access or other members even get anything, such as bronze or silver, but there should be more info on the forums- or it was stated that there would be, sometime this week. I did notice this account has it's three year vet reward, I have an account with five years but I don't play it anymore, I really should check my other accounts. Anyhow, the reward was pretty cool as it was a descendant title. I've always wanted one of these for my Inquisitor.

A descendant title is a list of all the original EverQuest servers. The first EverQuest game's server list, which is very, very awesome. Of course I had to pick Lanys T'Vyl. That is where my heart will always remain in Norrath. Lanys doesn't exist anymore, it was merged with another server, Seventh Hammer, then merged again with  the Tunare server. That is where I started, where I met my Dire. So this title has a lot of meaning to me, one I will wear proudly! I currently play on Firiona Vie but I will always miss Lanys. If Lanys were still a server I'd be playing there, in a way it is, just merged, but it isn't the same.

Speaking of EverQuest. I really have been wanting to play lately, but I want to finish my leveling spree in WoW first. I'm trying to stick with things more these days. I puttered around in EQ for a little bit on my bard, which felt slow as molasses, as far as killing is concerned. I want to work on some AA points and I do enjoy the class, especially when Dire plays. I grabbed the new Nihil illusion, the male version was adorable so I got that one first, I'm sure I'll grab the female soon.

That's about it today, if you haven't checked out my Facebook 'spam', you should! Lots of cool links there when I'm not writing here- or Twitter, Facebook spams it and makes it look like I'm trendy, or spammy, or something... Have a great weekend! Safe adventures!

Some screenshots from my adventures in WoW.

Tomb hunting.

An annoying new friend?

Yeah, '/rude' you too!

Some interesting scenery in Uldum, love this zone!

Yes, another Bud pic, he's so funny!


Taking a rest.

More adventuring ahead.

Getting into trouble with Harrison Jones.

Lovely sunset in Uldum.

I love all of the neat things like this in the zone.

I always seem to take pics of my chars up on this statue, lol. My son got me into this habit.

Oh hells no, I am not helping you guys... You're on your own there. Stop scooting closer....Get away from us, go, get back!

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