Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alt Status

The faire is here!

I managed to hit 66 with my baby DK, in WoW. I'm sticking to it and having a nice time. I haven't quested through this content for a few months and it is a bit refreshing. The pace is decent and the xp is great. Leveling gives me a tangible goal. Heirloom items and guild bonuses help speed this up quite a bit. I should hit 70 by the weekend and hopefully 80 by next weekend. Or pretty close. Then it starts to slow down, but I can probably hit 85 in a week or two after that, hopefully getting to my goal much sooner than the [MoP] release date. If that happens it should leave me some time to work on trades and stuff.

Why do I want another alt? I have three characters sitting at 85 now, Druid, Hunter and Priest and 2 at 80. I just wanted a more melee oriented class in that pool to chose from. I don't enjoy the Priest much, Hunter is great, Druid is fun but I'm not digging the dps rotation and I don't want to tank. DK or Pally I know I enjoy, so I decided to go with one of these. I thought it might be refreshing to level again, draw me back into the game a bit before I delve back in full force with the xpac.

I'll probably stay in Outland until 70, there are so many quests I find myself unable to complete them all before moving onto the next area. I'm also enjoying the fact that we can now fly as we quest and this really helps speed up the process as well, not drag on the process with yet another alt thus Outland isn't so bad these days. So many games make you wait to, or close to, level cap to fly and I'm glad WoW isn't a stickler on this. I think 60 is a fair level to gain access to the ability.

This will be my second Dk to 80, my other sits neglected on another server. I find myself really into the class, I've always enjoyed it. I am blood and unholy spec(s), dual spec is so nice. It is fun to switch them up as I feel I need, or want, to. I've considered transferring my 80 DK or 80 Pally back to Silvermoon but I'm pretty adamant about leveling this one up instead. Plus, it gives me something to do, quest and gather up money and quest rewards for transmog, heh. I'll have plenty to do with a fresh character because I know it will be some time before we see another expansion.

I tab out for a moment to change the station on Pandora and this is what I find.... Before I acquired flying, which helps with these little problems, heh. 

Hopefully I can stick with it and hit 85 before MoP hits. I think I'm doing good thus far and I'll be proud if I make it to my goal. Thus I've put my other games on hold, sort of. I poke around in others but mostly I'm working on my DK when I can. I'll probably cancel EQ2 and just get station access before long.

I'm interested in spending more time in Vanguard, not as a free player though. I cannot use any of my gear so that is a minus for me to even play free. The cash shop has a lot of cool looking appearance armor, fast mounts, pet and player illusions, and gear with stats too, if that's your thing. I was a bit put off that flying mounts are only for level 50 characters (Adv/Diplo/Crafting). If you're going to sell mounts and armor might as well make it available to all levels. Why hold back now? SOE always seems to boggle me with what choices make it and which don't. I'd much rather see any level flying mounts than I would gear with stats, in the market. Hopefully the level 20 flying mount quest will actually make it into the game, soon.

However, I am glad to see the game flourishing. I'm glad to see it has a real team of dedicated developers and we even have a new website up! Very similar to the EQ and EQ2 pages. This is just what this game has needed. It still has bugs and needs some more TLC but it's getting there. Only, roughly, a 5gig download and free to pop into now, so if you've been wanting to check it out now is a great time to. It's a very solid game and deserves more credit than it has been given in the past.

That's it for me today. Safe adventures!


  1. Ah the memories of Hellfire :-)

    I was surprised by the fell reavers a few times questing there as I was playing on a macbook at the time so my viewing distance was pretty short - you'd hear them before you saw them or the ground would suddenly shake and one would appear near you!

    WoW is one of the games were I really don't like melee combat, Paladin is ok though I'd rather heal than tank. DK always looked interesting from a complexity point of view but I just can't get over my bias against melee...

    1. Bah, my email spammed this comment back about four pages!

      Yeah, he snuck up on me pretty quickly, lol. I used to prefer melee combat when WoW was younger but over the years I've moved away from it, with a main anyhow. Thought I nice plate melee alt would be a good change of pace and something fun to farm old content with. Was a tough toss up between DK and Pally!




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