Monday, August 27, 2012


Ding! I'm finally finished with leveling my DK in WoW. I'm glad, I really enjoy the class and he's a solid choice for farming and soloing old content, as that is my bread and butter these days. I'll be playing him through MoP before my other characters, probably with Dire's DK. It's a milestone for me, I've been so bad at sticking with anything for very long so I really made a point to follow through on this character. I didn't think I would but it turned out more fun than I thought it would be. /flex /happy elf dance /cheers... Ok, I'm done, heh.

I managed to nap a few BoE epics off the auction house for a decent price. I know it is close to the expansion but I look at it as an investment to help me farm up for the expansion, plus I just wanted them. I can't wait for tomorrow, getting my mounts and pets on this character is going to be very cool!

Now that I am 85 with the Death Knight, I do want to farm up some monies in preparation for the expansion and I've been working on my trades as well, hopefully those will be finished by then. I also want to dabble with some of my other games too.

Speaking of, I logged into Allods Online today. I've been wanting to try out the new mercenaries and see just how fast the solo combat felt, I had heard it was boosted. I have never set foot into a dungeon in Allods, so this was exciting for me. I grabbed a mercenary contract (lasts 2 hrs, your group, once used) summoned the NPC and hired a full group; tank, heals and dps. It was pretty awesome, easy and I didn't have to bother with waiting around to do the instance. The mercenaries are pretty tough, the function well and seem to have pretty decent AI. I was impressed.

Solo things seemed a whole lot faster! I was very happy, sometimes soloing in Allods felt like watching paint dry, the combat was just a bit too slow. Easy but s-l-o-w. Now it feels it is at a nice pace, a very good direction. I actually felt like questing and killing things. I am also excited to do more instances.

For now the mercs are cheap but as you level they get more expensive. We'll have to see how that goes, I don't know just how much money you bring in around the higher levels, but 75g a pop, for a merc group sounds a bit high, we'll have to see- if I ever get there.

I'm so tempted by GW2. I wanted to wait a bit, though I do plan on playing it. I've been reading some great posts about it. I'm curious about the necro class, guess I'll have to read up a bit on it. We'll see how long I last! That's it for me today, so tired, first day of High School here in Houston, ugh, early mornings will be the end of me.

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