Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GW2: Launch Impressions

I had intended to wait on GW2, at least a month, I did plan on picking it up but in due time. Over the past few days I've been reading a lot about the head-start from my fellow bloggers and I really, really liked what I heard. No gear treadmill, fun classes, interesting skills, gorgeous graphics, overflow servers to avoid a queue and last, but not least, no monthly fee. How could I go wrong getting it? So, I picked it up yesterday and got in a day early. Sometimes I get compulsive, yesterday was a very compulsive day. I just couldn't help myself. A day before the big WoW patch and I just HAD to have GW2, heh. I punished myself with heavy amounts of cleaning and many episodes Adventure Time, while it downloaded.

Anyhow, I thought I'd sum up my first impressions. I had followed GW2 for a time then I drifted off and mostly kept up with it from my favorite gaming blogs and videos they and friends shared. I really went in, knowing, well, not much. Dire and I played the first GW game, many years ago, before I started blogging and we really enjoyed it. I figured it would be something I would enjoy- and him too, or I was hoping.

I've so far dabbled with a couple of classes, gotten lost, and tried a few different starting areas. My first choice was the necromancer class, which is really great but I feel for the ranger, hard. So I'm thinking my main is going to be my Sylvari Ranger. I like this race a lot, very neat, nature oriented, fantasy feeling. Leaves for hair! I still want to dabble with my Human Mesmer a bit too, she's sitting there waiting on me, we'll see if I can pull away from the ranger.

So far the launch has been smooth for me. Yesterday and today I've had very little trouble. The game runs well, far better than the last new release I tried (/glares in the direction of TSW), or rather, the last two. About two video cards ago I had a meltdown with Rift beta. With GW2, I have crashed twice, that's it. Had some stuttering in FPS after an update in the wee hours of the morning, but a reboot fixed that. Overall it's been good. Real good.

What I like about the game? Overflow servers, no queues. Though they may be buggy at least we can get into the game. I like that the game feels more cooperative than most MMO games. We all seem to work together, it is nice to see that for a change. People often stop and help as they run by. It's very festive and contagious feeling right now. Scaling down, joining friends lower than you is awesome too.

I love the look and feel of the game, the combat is very fluid too. Music is decent and the voice acting is great. I've even heard Gideon Emery several times now, in the Sylvari starting area, one of my favorite voice actors. I did a double take when I first heard the voice. I just love the Sylvari male voice for the player character too. The game feels so refreshing.

Things I don't like? I'm not really sure yet. I feel I have only seen a glimpse in the time I've played over the last few days. Maybe the questing could get a bit tiresome? Right now I absolutely love all the events. It is what drew me to Rift, when the events were over I often felt bored, not the case here. I just love it. Switching out weapons for skills seems like it could be hit or miss on combat later on, I like it so far though. I think it is fun and works out well, I was very skeptical.

Dire was wary and not happy about the switch, at first, then he watched me play, I saw him eyeing me, standing behind me watching all the fun I was having with my little Sylvari! Next thing I know he made me move out of my chair to try it, then he asked me to install it on his computer today. He rarely does that, so I was a bit surprised. It really appeals to him, more depth than his D3 and less of a grind than WoW, plus it has PvP and he loves that area of game play.

Those are my initial thoughts. I think the launch was pretty smooth. I didn't have as many problems as I have heard others complain about, thankfully. If you'd like to add me, please feel free to- Sablesix.2049. I blame (and thank) all those (evil) bloggers out there for tempting me! Now I am going to join Dire in GW2, he's been waiting for me to finish this post, heh.

See you in Tyria!


  1. I don't know Dire but can I suggest he tries rolling a Charr? Not that I'm biased...

    1. Hehe, you and your Charr obsession! He went with human but I think he will be making his second character as one, he seemed to like them too.

  2. Heh, guess I'm not surprised to see a blog up this soon after u picked it up, good read, and accurate on all the points(having spent the weekend in headstart and all)
    You forgot about the cross server chat, cross server mail(which is seemingly instant delivery, having Rifts multiple item attachment per mail sent. Oh, a personal fun aspect of mail i like is when receiving or sending it, you'll see a pigeon swoop by your character in game(delivering/bringing you mail). I call these epic pigeons, not only because that added fluff aspect of seeing them come and go amuses me greatly, but they are epic because they will dart by even while underwater(complete with watery bubble trail behind them).
    The eventual feature of guesting which is like TSW's option of shifting home server to hang w/friends in most aspects of the game, excluding the world vs world.
    Achievements/Vault space being shared across account is a great feature.
    Achievements for many things including a nice simple daily achievement list, completing achievements will earn you bonuses/coin,experience and occasionally rare items. So even w/o much game time you can hop in, tag things for the daily achievement and be on your way.

    1. I didn't even know about the cross server mail, that is really cool. And guesting would be very sweet too. Still learning as I go, you followed it far close than I, you'll be my guru =p

      Do you have to complete ALL the things on the list, like the crafting too? Think that was all I missed yesterday, was so tired I logged out w/o even checking much or saying goodnight, lol.




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