Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello, Northrend.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, ours carried into Monday, we had a great time over Dire's Birthday. He actually played something that wasn't Diablo III. It has been several months since we actually gamed together in the same game, so that was pretty nice. Since I've been working on my baby DK, in WoW, he's started playing again. I do wish he'd give Vanguard or EQ2 more of a chance but WoW is something he already knows so well and it works for us. He has so little time to game and WoW seems to fit in easier than the other two, for him.

I managed to hit 76 before logging yesterday, obtained my epic flying too, yay! I think that was a nice bunch of levels over the weekend. Dire offered to run me through a ton of dungeons and the xp flew by with those, I still did a lot of questing as well but those were a great boost. It looks like I may just hit 80 by the end of the week, as I had hoped.

I'm enjoying myself as I progress more. It wasn't until I hit Gizzly Hills that I really started getting into Northrend again. I suppose I've just spent a little too much time in some of those zones. I'm more so looking forward to Cataclysm zones but even more so- 85 so I can work on trades and other things. I would like to level a little panda monk next but I think I will wait awhile before doing this again. Maybe more on the lines of something fun on the side instead of being a main objective, lol.

The weekend wasn't flawless though. I have been having FPS issues in many games and here recently a lot of crashing. I had an inkling that my video card was on it's last leg though. After trying a few things and researching the issue, I decided to just slap another in there. I upgraded my card and power supply and it's been running great. Glad that issue was sorted out it really was driving me up the wall. It seemed to get worse over the weekend so I knew I needed to do something.

It appears we have two weeks until the pre-MoP patch hits, with PvP season 11 ending on Aug 28. I'm getting excited about the expansion. I've been following Cymre on her info about pet battles and I really can't wait to get out there to collect critters and win some battles! Also new content to quest through, new lands to explore, new factions, our own farms, so much to look forward to. It looks so refreshing.

On another note, Vanguard SoH officially goes F2P today. If you haven't checked it out, it's a wonderful game just waiting to be explored. One of my favorite MMO games and I hope to pop back in soon, I've been missing Telon. If you have older characters sitting there- it's just been changed to make it easier for you to jump back in for free. The grandfathering system now allows you to use all of your armor and items as well; Those you collected before the F2P conversion, so you can log in and not feel so lost with no armor and gear to use. I'm glad to see this feature implemented I think it is more than fair and really starts people (back) out on the right foot.

Allods Online also had a big patch recently. I have not had a chance to try it out but it looks great. Beau, over at Massively, has a great write up on his experience since being back to try out the new content. NPC mercenaries are now there to do your bidding, need a tank, a healer, a whole group? Seems they have you covered. You can't use them outside an instanced content but it seems that you don't need to as soloing has been beefed up a bit. I really need to log in and dust off my character soon!

I'm missing EQ2 also, I haven't played in about a week I guess? I've just been wanting to stick to one objective I've tried to make, getting the DK to 85 before MoP hits. I've done really well with it too ;) Plus, Dire is playing something again with me (WoW) so it means more time will be spent in Azeroth, as I've really wanted us to play something together again. That's it for me today, safe adventures!

Dire and I, running through some BC dungeons. 

Another BC dungeon, someone had to run off before I could get a screenshot...

Big, mad robot-gnome.

One place I don't care to revisit. Gorgeous though.

Murloc babysitting services: Call-  555-1234

I'm a murloc!

Double trouble. 

One of my favorite places in Northrend, a lovely area in Dragonblight.

It's roach powered!

Om nom nom... Rats don't really eat flesh, these must be evil, mutated forsaken rats. The things I do for the Horde.

Scarlet sky.

Forsaken outpost, Dragonblight.

Ah, Grizzly Hills.

Bud, he's just too funny. Easily one of my favorite NPC's in WoW.

Visions... Hey, didn't I kill you already?

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  1. Is that a Walk the Plank tabard I see? :o) A small contingent of folks from my star wars guild started goofing off on Silvermoon the other day. I'll stop by and say hi if I see you on.




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