Friday, July 20, 2012

The Ties That Bind Me

I've died and gone to... PET HEAVEN!!

It's been pretty fun returning to EQ2. Last time I gave it a go, well, it was on an alt and I honestly enjoy the 85+ content the most these days. It's more polished in terms of laid back questing and DoV has quest markers on the map, unlike some of the mid-level zones. Plus, I can fly, I love that ability in EQ2!

Awhile back, when there was a triple SC scale, I bought some flying wings, they're very pretty and I hadn't had a chance to test them out until recently. The flying animations in EQ2 are very smooth and graceful. It is a neat change and they really look snazzy on my character. I absolutely love, and have missed, the lovely little bits of cosmetic flair and fluff EQ2 offers in an MMO world.

I've been puttering around in a new house. All of my items are splayed over many different homes and alts, sigh. It will take some time rounding it all up. I also need to get working on moonlight enchantments, which starts tonight. Lots of really neat housing items in those, floor tiles and such. I'm really soaking up the lore, atmosphere and feeling of Norrath again. I just really have strong ties to the original EQ lore and that which stems from it, it always gets me, makes me feel at home in EQ2. Plus the fluff, oh the fluff!

What else, I'm working through DoV, enjoying it immensely, trusty Paladin by my side, wreaking havoc to anything that crosses our path. I still have tons of quests to work on, lots of little neat quests with house or cosmetic rewards as well as some upgrades. It really is enjoyable especially now that I have a merc to help me on my way.

I'm still asking Dire if he wants to log in and play, I'm feeling one of these times he'll break down and join me. He's still working on D3, sitting around 55. He doesn't get to play much but he is still enjoying it. I think he'll enjoy EQ2 again... once he breaks down and gives it another go, he has a 90 SK collecting dust.

Other than that, I'm still messing about creating and building in SL. Slowing things down as I need a bit of a break, I still have several items to list and one project I'm working on. Sometimes I just need some time to recuperate, heh. I really push myself and I'm a perfectionist, it can be draining sometimes.

Twig, who is my RL mother actually, yes my dear, sweet mother plays SL with me- She's the biggest reason I've stuck with it and made friends within the game. She is such an addict ;)  Anyhow, she's headed to Scotland for a couple of weeks so I'll really miss her (Death in the family, wish I could have gone too but it was all so very last minute, it's so lovely there though). I'm such a mommy's girl. I've always wanted her to play an MMO with me, she's tried WoW before, but she always gets confused and doesn't give it enough time, so this is close enough to an MMO. SL has a steep learning curve and I still have to explain things for her and help her but she has come a long way, I'm very proud of her. 

It's cool to be able to game with your family. I'm thankful of the times I've had with mine, I still miss gaming with my brothers. My son and I have different tastes these days too. Now if I can just get Dire to stop slacking off and game I'd be good. I can't complain he works about 70hrs a week, he's tired. Soon though- I'm quite demanding beguiling when I want to be!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Sharing some pretty shots:

P.S. Yes, I'm heavy handed on the screenshot button! And... Yes, I've been slacking in TSW.



Gorgeous Velious!

Thank the devs for SOGA models (on human males), lol. I just love some of the SOGA models.

Beware... Dragons.

Flavor like this really hits a soft spot. I was so happy to stumble upon the waterfall 'hidden' Thurgadin entrance. Very similar to the one in the original EverQuest.

While claiming some TCG packs that had accumulated-  RNG takes favor on me, LOVE this illusion! Actual pics of it later on.

Flying. Whee!

New pet- LoN TCG loot. 

Tizmak caves, brings back memories from the first EverQuest. Ah the ties that bind my heart... 

Second Life:

Twig and I (my male AV, she's on back). Male AV= keeps the flirting men at bay, heh.

Let me play you a song.

Concert on our sim. Standing around with some friends.

Meditation... Or chit-chatting rather. 

Playing around with a desk I had in my inventory, in the enforcer office.

Trying out a couch with Twiggy.

Riding around on my horse while friends play Greedy, I'm not big  on this game (involves counting, I'm slightly OCD and counting isn't always something I want to do- I count when I'm extremely stressed, not like I did when I was younger and it's taken years to overcome- Yeah, TMI). They love it though.

My Victorian Home, finished and sitting on my land. Love this house, very roomy feeling inside.

Visiting the Booshies (wearing one on my shoulder).

Trying out a new desk in the enforcer's office. Twig made me come and deliver pictures to decorate it with, heh. 


  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2012

    Great pics as always. Nice to read about EQ2 again, I do have a real soft spot for that game, but I'm waiting on the Alaplaya takeover of the Euro customers to happen and for the dust to settle before I consider going back. No other MMO has that much 'RPG' in it, there's just so much breadth to the games systems and to the world and it's lore.

    I managed to get my Mum, Aunt, Cousin, Niece and some of my Cousin's children into WoW. My nephew also plays LoTRO. Sort of a gaming family you might say ;-) It does mean it's even harder for me to give up on games as I have close friends/relatives wanting to still play with me!

    1. Thank you! Aye, it has such a robust amount of content and lore to pick from, I think that's what I love about it so much.

      It is hard to leave those games where your family still plays. I felt bad leaving TOR when I got sick, my brother had passed me up so badly by then though, lol. That's great you still have family to play with.

  2. GU64 lands on Tuesday I believe, bringing the Qeynos revamp including new questlines among other goodies. I'll be dropping back in for that.

    I very much recommend sticking with The Secret World for long enough to be able to do the Egypt content. It's only slightly "higher" than the start of Blue Mountain but much, MUCH more entertaining, and the mobs die much faster. Savage Coast is excellent too. I still can't do more than sight-see in Transylvania despite being in all Q7/Q8 now, though.

    1. I can't wait. Awhile back I had betrayed to Qeynos with the Inquis, glad I didn't swap back, I really want to enjoy Qeynos with a char too.

      I'd love to stick with it but the horrible performance just might kill the game for me. I'm still giving it a chance but I don't know if I can stick with something this new that runs so cruddy sometimes. Really, the game options leave much to be desired for tweaking the game so you can optimize things to run decently all the time. Makes me quite sad, then again it is Funcom.

      I'll try to stick with it though and see more of what is out there, I do really enjoy the game other than it running mucky sometimes.




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