Saturday, July 21, 2012

Allods Gets Mercs & WoW New RAF Lewt

Do you ever find yourself on Youtube wondering 'How the hell did I end up here'? I had one of those moments last night, starting with Allods Online videos and ending with how to trace where a picture was taken on a digital device. What? Did I really click on all those links on the side bar? It was really time for bed. Anyhow, I found some really cool Allods videos.

The new expansion (or is it a patch?) has a teaser video and it looks really awesome. Plus, it's pretty funny to watch. The coolest thing is probably the mercenaries. Yep, Allods is getting mercs, if you haven't heard. There is a lot of speculation on the forums and the devs have stated that they will be releasing more info on them soon. But these mercs are live on the Russian servers, the Russian version of the game already has them up and running. So, off to Youtube it was.

I found a pretty cool video [here] showing just how many they currently have, how you summon them and if you watch the video you'll see they are accessed by the spell book and the person recording has a full party with a few clicks of a button. Pretty awesome. 

Some people really detest mercs in any game, but I really love having them. I end up soloing a lot and sometimes it's just easier while questing or going back to do content. They are nice fillers when your short on a person and those times where you really, really need help on a quest... They will never say no. I remember in EQ2, years ago when I first started, I could'of  used just one other person to help. Please! Help me! Please! Even at 90 there were times my guild members were not on or just busy. I appreciate mercs, they are very useful and can really 'round out' soloing for classes that don't solo as well as others. 

My saying is, if you don't like them, don't use them. If you're complaining mercs took all the groups, just stop. Stop being lazy and find a guild that groups. Don't expect groups to fall into your lap (unless your a tank joining LFD in WoW, lol). Especially in an older game, or a lower populated server, you'll have to work at getting groups. Often times it will be mercs that bring me back to a game, they never chase me off. Who doesn't like to have 24/7 help on things? Who doesn't like to have a buddy to follow you to the ends of the world, even if it is for a little bit of coin?! Well, not all of us have friends!- On all the time, that is ;)

Next up, I hear a ding on the phone alerting me Blizzard has sent an email. Oh great, another phishing mail. I seem to get a lot of those these days. But no, it actually had my name on it and seemed legit and checking the official site today, I saw it indeed was. It's a new RAF deal, basically you're rewarded with a transformation into an Obsidian Nightwing, which is a flying mount. You can transform into it and fly others on your back. Looks cool. Too bad I don't have anyone to recruit right now. Myself maybe? Meh. It always boils down to me, myself and I... for some reason, heh. 

Just some thoughts for today. Safe adventures!

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