Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time... Never Enough Time

Oh, how I missed you, my trusty tank.

Yesterday we went to see the movie Ted. When I got home I had the urge to play EQ2. I've been wanting to poke back in and check out the end game, for awhile actually. I just wanted to be in the right state of mind and not feel rushed with it.

My 90 Inquisitor has basically sat there collecting dust since the Freeport revamp. I messed around on a couple of occasions but nothing more than a mere few minutes here and there. So, last night I decided to poke around, quest in DoV zones, last time I tried things were pretty slow and a bit boring- as a healer soloing. I went out there with my trusty merc and... wow. The difference with a merc was amazing. The Paladin merc has always been a favorite of mine but I have to say he really kicks some ass. It was really fun blowing through quests and having a 'companion' to help my slow self. I had such a good time I ended up re-subbing to EQ2. Yeah, that was out of the blue, but I enjoyed myself so much that I figure I might as well. Dire expressed his disdain, as he doesn't like EQ2 anymore. But I have a feeling he'll check back in one of these days. I'm only 40 AA points off from being able to level onto 91. No rush though, just having fun. Plus, I log in and feel like I've done something and had a good time, I like that.

While re-subbing to EQ2, I cancelled Vanguard. I didn't really want to but I haven't logged in for two weeks. Mainly because I've been quite busy, partly because I'm waiting on some new content for alts. I'll pick it back up after the F2P version comes out and all the excitement is back again. Right now I honestly don't have the time to spend on leveling in Vanguard, even if I enjoy it, it's still a very time consuming game.

Fortune Teller:"I see a tall, dark, rugged, stranger in your future."
Sablesix:  "Really? He's probably a zombie waiting to eat my brains."

So, what about The Secret World, right? I'm still puttering around there. The biggest issue is the preformance   with the game, sometimes it runs like total crap. Especially where there are tons of shadows. The lack of an option to turn them off- to me- is just pure laziness in design. Now, I don't have a horrible machine but it's a couple of years old. So, yeah, that's my beef. Another thing is, time. The game is one where you sometimes have to spend time searching around for stuff. Which is fine, I just don't always have the time and I feel as if I accomplished absolutely nothing in my session, I hate feeling like that. I'm still playing it though, good game, just a few things that have been bothering me. I still am having a nice time, killing zombies (yeah!) and I really enjoy the combat. 

Last but not least, I'm still doing a lot of building in SL still. My shop is expanding and if I never make a dime on it, I can at least say I enjoyed myself. Twig is trying to get me to start making tattoos for avatars. I may consider it. I want to work on shapes soon, so why not tats too? 

That's about it for today. Sharing some of my creations. Enjoy & safe adventures and all that!

Large Country Home.

Framed art, in the shop. Look familiar? Hehe.

Interior of my Meditation Garden.


Outside of the Meditation Garden.

Interior of my Victorian Home.



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