Friday, July 27, 2012

Eye Candy

I often do videos showing off female avatars, especially in Second Life, today I thought I'd show off a male. I made a short video, just something fun, showing off a few dances and just how detailed you can make your avatar in Second Life. I adore this one, it's just so cute, thus I thought I'd share him in this video. Plus, I get to share one of my skyboxes, the 'room he's dancing in is one of my own creations, I especially love the walls and floor, this is one of my favorites!

Also sharing a bundle of screenshots. Hope you enjoy the video or at least get a chuckle out of some of the dance moves, heh. Shots are from SL and EQ2. And... view in HD please! SL runs okay alone, with the right viewer, but with fraps the FPS can go down the drain, still not as bad as some of my previous SL videos though. Next time I'll try another viewer for better FPS.

Took a break from building to tweak out this avatar, new clothes are always fun! love the detail in the jacket and added some glasses and a cig to complete the look.

Some shops I built for out sim, finished them up today. We're going to call this area little Tokyo and rent out these buildings. 

A new house I finished up, my Town House.

Swinging...  Never too old to swing.

Questing in EQ2, one of the first quest lines sends you down under into the sewers.

Meeting the Queen (Antonia Bayle). There was a forum discussion and she was called fat. Maybe she's addicted to Batwing Crunchies? I think she looks fine. She did get a tad bigger though. 

Questing, was checking out the elvish SOGA models and it turned out to be a nice shot.

On the high seas. Ahh smell that salty air and feel the cool ocean breeze? Use your imagination!

Kyle Bayle.

Blessed by the gods of Norrath.

That's all folks!


  1. that blessed by the gods of norrath reminds me of a recent smoked DMT experience I had

    the universe opened up and showed me it's eternal love and oneness <3




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