Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Plans? I'll probably wing it. Ha!

World of Warcraft's MoP expansion has a release date now- 9.25.12. I'm sure I'll be picking it up, I still have time to pass with the annual pass. It will have a month left on it and I've been a bit excited about some of the new stuff in this expansion. Now if it isn't that great I suppose it could be a very long time until I played WoW again, once that pass ends. Things are looking good though, lots of fun activities and that's what I'm about. I'm not much into more than that these days, as far as WoW goes. I'll probably piddle around with a little panda but mostly my hunter main. Hunter changes are looking mighty good.

Guild Wars 2 hits a bit sooner. I'm sure I'll get this but I don't know if I should go for it right at release, maybe. I'm still pondering on it. I like the first game and I think this one will be great, plus the lack of a subscription, that is pretty tempting! So, I may end up grabbing it, I still have some time to wait and think.

I really jumped in with TSW and buying it. Probably at a bad time. It's a good game, I'll give it some more time tonight, I've neglected it badly the last few days. I think it has a great feeling to it but I have to say this again, performance is quite crappy. Highly unlikely, at this point, I'll go past the free month :(

Out of all of my games EQ2 is sucking up the most time. I'm getting a lot done because I have a merc, tons of stuff to catch up on, lots of questing, making lots of monies just from questing and selling items too. Plus, fun stuff with the new Qeynos Rises update. It should keep me busy for some time.

SL I've needed a 'building break' on. Twig is out of town still so I'm just giving it a rest for a few days. I have a few projects I need to finish up there but I'll get to them soon. Plus, there are a few freebies I want to go after, I'll let the list accumulate for a few days before I go hunting around, lol.

Still waiting to hear when Vanguard is going to release the F2P version. I just want to see all the changes and the cash shop, how it all looks once it's ready to go. Still wondering if they'll add mercs to this game. I think it could happen. Probably will happen. If EQ has them then Vanguard probably will too. But, I'm getting ahead of things here.

I guess my plans for this year are a bit sporadic, I'll just see how I feel as these release dates get close. Dire might like GW2. Not sure though. He's installed EQ2 this week, now getting him to sit down to play and pull away from D3 is another story.

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