Saturday, July 28, 2012

EQ2 Stuffz

Mercenary, I'm paying you by the hour... If I say we swim, we swim!

I've been working through the new Qeynos quests in EQ2 and enjoying it quite a bit. I'm sometimes pretty bad about reading quests and the dialogue, in a lot of games, but I've really been pulled into these stories. They're quite good and I find myself wanting to find out what happens and sticking to these quests. Lots of neat house items, tons of paintings and I even gained a sweet breastplate. I'm still working on my AA points, I'm still a few off but getting closer to where I can level again.

Tinkerfest starts tomorrow, EQ2 traders has a great write up on it, lots of really neat additions like the wings (mount) you can obtain with 500 tokens, you know what I'll be working on next week! Tinkerfest was a lot of fun last year, some really cool appearance stuff, a neat pet and lots of recipes. Tons of housing items!

If you haven't checked out the marketplace there is free statue of Antonia Bayle. Grab some while you can, you can get as many as you like for free. I grabbed a few for future projects, I just need to place them about. Oh and speaking of free stuff, EQ2 has another FB 'Quest' this one has some nice rewards, I think there is a mount included in this round. Add them, bug your friends, or something, ya know... like asking your readers to, lol. More details here.

If you want an interesting read there is a post with the debate of legacy models vs SOGA models, on the forums which gets a comment from the game's producer who says one set of models could be removed in the future. I personally think that is a horrible idea on an aging games where people are really tied to their characters and how they look. As you can see from my screenshots I use both. I love the SOGA models for males and Legacy for females. I love to mix and match them up. I think anything short of a new set of models would be a disaster. Check out the thread here. EQ2 wire has the direct quote from Holly 'Windstalker' Longdale here, think it is around page seven on the thread. What do you think? Should players be forced to give up one set after so many years? Should we get new models or should we stick with two sets?

That's it for today, have a great weekend!

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