Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Tinkerfest is here!

Over the weekend I managed to finish up the new quests from the Qeynos Rises update, in EQ2. I really enjoyed these quests, I even felt a bit sad when they were over. I wanted to keep on playing though the story, which I really liked a lot. The story made me feel part of the world, part of Qeynos because I was so drawn into the stories, and I really liked that. I didn't finish the Freeport line but I managed to get through a fair amount, to get a feel for that side, and I have to say those were just as good but with more of a darker feel. Qeynos is a bit more welcoming to me lately, always optimistic, while Freeport has a lot of sinister stories. Both are really great cities filled with a lot of fantastic lore. Just depends on what you want I suppose.

Tinkerfest is here, yay! It did get off to a late start, oops, someone forgot to flip a 'switch'. Good quests, lots of really great rewards, tons of housing items from merchants and quests. I've grabbed two pairs of wings, which act as flying mounts, very cool items from a holiday event. They cost 500 cogs, the best way to go about gathering these is to make a macro, so much easier and less redundant. A great post on what to do to create one here.

Other than that, I've been questing my heart out and having a blast. I'm really enjoying EQ2 again. I need to get some work done on some textures for Second Life today and I'm dragging my feet. I made my first sale in the Market Place this week. It's slow but I'm adding things and hopefully one of these days it will pick up a bit.

Sharing some pics!

Gone camping!

Questing in Antonica.


Queen Antonia Bayle.

All tied up.

A couple of my favorite NPC's from the new Qeynos questline- Murrar Shar and Field Marshal Vishra. 

Circle of The Ten. 

Baron Ironforge's office.

New wings from Tinkerfest, the darker set.

Our lovely guild hall, I didn't design this but someone else broke out and built this lovely large scale chessboard. Awesome!

EQ2 gives you wings...  Makes me want a REDBULL. 

Tinkerfest cheer!

Lighter, blue, set of wings from Tinkerfest.

Under the moon. Gave my Merc some snazzy new appearance weps from Tinkerfest.

Taking a rest?

Hanging out in the shop.

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