Thursday, June 7, 2012

SL Freebies

I had some fun in Second Life putting together a few fun items today, thought I'd share them here. I really love to create and edit things in any game. I suppose that is why I like Second Life the most. If I love anything in SL it is freebies so everything is free, I like sharing them as I always get so excited about a new cool freebie item.

I decided to make some shoulder pets, a sleeping pink meeroo, a meeroo mount and I also added in some staves I made a few months ago. Fun stuff that I enjoy doing, I do hope some will enjoy them as much as I do.

They're all at my place, I even made some pretty packages for them. Nothing phenomenal just some fun stuff I boxed up to give out. And,  yes, I adore Meeroos ;) More stuff in the future! Feel free to pop in and grab them.

TP to Sable's Place

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