Thursday, June 7, 2012

One of Those Days...

Yesterday was one of those days. You know, where nothing seems to go right in any game you log into. On top of it I had, yet another, headache. I've been getting a lot of headaches almost daily and even an ocular migraine a few days ago.

It started out with Vanguard. I died, sure okay it was my fault for pulling too many mobs, run back and get that 27,000 xp I lost, only losing around 4k with retrieval. Round two, another mob all by his lonesome self. Seems safe enough, I know the lay of the land, he's just a pather. All of a sudden about six mobs pop up around me. WTH? Were they under the ground? Were they hiding behind the bushes. This is a place I've hunted before and I know they were not invis, merely bugged instead.

At this point I run back and just feel like banging my head against the keyboard. I just give up for awhile and decide to log into EverQuest and check in on my mage and guild hall. Oh, but no, that isn't going to happen, the guild hall part. It's gone, poof, back in some box sitting in the parcel delivery. Every single item I placed, now ripped up and thrown haphazardly into a box. Gee thanks, SOE. It seems that even if I had paid FIFTY TWO weeks in advance I still need to log in before the 30 day mark or it is all sent back to me in a box. Take note people...

I don't care if I log out for a year. If I paid FIFTY TWO weeks, don't send it back to me in four to eight weeks. So, as you can imagine, I wasn't a happy camper. I did put in a petition complaining. I know nothing can be done but still I wanted to voice my concerns. I cannot remember if EQ has a layout file you can save, EQ2 does. If it does I overlooked it. I guess it gives me something to do in EQ right? Pffft....

Today is a fresh day and I feel refreshed without any headaches.... thus far. Plus, I did have a silver lining in one of my games. In Second Life I've been wanting a meeroo that won't run away, for a loooooong time. Twig bought me one last year but it ran away one day while Rak was showing me around a Meeroo island. I set mine down and he was very mad I hadn't fed him... ever. I'm just not big on buying pet food for pets in SL, it's so gimmicky to me. But, yeah I was sad and have been trying to find one that you can just hold, for ages.

Poor meeroos, as a PETA member it was my duty to save them and give them good homes!

So, this morning singing handed me an item someone shared with her. It was a Meroo kabob. A bunch of meeroos on a stick. I don't mess with 3D modeling these days I am far too lazy to bother I mainly edit my objects in game do a little Photoshop and that's that. So I was really happy to find these were modifiable! I could modify them and share them and copy them!

I managed to separate them, I had to take each one apart and link them back up. Then I added a pose and a script to each one. I edited them to pop into your arms when you wear them, and then placed them in a box I made so people can drop by to grab them for free. They are modify, copy, and transfer. So if you play and you've always wanted a meeroo to hold in your arms that won't leave you, drop by my place and grab one or four, heh. You can find my place here, walk outside the gate and the box is on the wall. Feel free to look around too!

They just want to be loved!

So, yeah, free meeroos for everyone! They are not real meeroos, I think they're better because they'll never run away ;) And tomorrow, June loyalty rewards in Vanguard, yay! I'm refreshed and ready to tackle the world of Telon again today. My goal is to get 26 next week at least. I get a ton of cool new spells, I hope to be 30 before the month is out, lots of great stuff then too, plus new necro forms. Slowly I'm chugging along!

Safe adventures! If you play Second Life drop by my place and grab a meeroo! I plan on modifying some into sleeping/sitting poses that can be sat around land, so check back over the weekend for those in the box also. So, even if you don't want a real one you can still place one down and tell everyone he's sleeping, lol.

TP for Meeroo!

*These are not official Meeroos. They are simply toys that can be held that do not need food and water or anything else you would have to buy in the marketplace. These are simply little pets you can hold when you feel like it. They do require lots of hugs.

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