Friday, June 8, 2012

Yay! June Loyalty Rewards! Vanguard Saga of Heroes

Home sweet home!

I logged in today to grab my goodies in Vanguard, these Loyalty rewards are really cool. I thought I'd show them off and share some pictures. Oh, and ding 24 on my necro!

First up is the house, you can pick from three styles. If you have alts I'd say grab one of each kind if you have three characters over twenty. I haven't tried this but I'm pretty sure you can do so, I just logged out after building my house to make a post. I only have two characters able to grab houses currently. I hope to have my Shaman 20 by the end of June, we'll see how that goes. For now I chose the Qalia housing as my first. Still one house per account, but saving the materials in case you want to move is a good idea IMO.

Adding materials to your plot for housing.

When you build your house you add in all the materials by inspecting the plot and going to the building tab, then you manually add in each item and hit add/build (pictured up top). Now, the package you gain from the rewards has everything EXCEPT windows. You can pick these up in your housing area for around six copper. So keep that in mind when building, the house instantly pops up after you add everything in.

This is a one room house and you'll need to pick the correct house for the area you are in, one of the three styles goes to each of the areas. Just make sure to keep that in mind. You can store chests there and use the bank in the housing area (beside the vendor and mailbox). There is also furniture on the hosing merchants and a mailbox near them. The cheapest plot is 2g to buy and 20s a week upkeep. You can pay up in advace too.

We're on our way to being a proud homeowner!

The other rewards include (The Telonian Emissary) plate armor for appearance, which is silver and very lovely! I love the plate look in Vanguard so I was really happy to have this for my Necro! It is a full set and very striking. I'm really tickled with appearance gear so that is always a plus in my book. Pictures in this post include the armor.

Sand Etched Stone illusion.

The last two items would be the KDQ crates, you gain five for each turn in (50+ an additional 2?), I am running out of bank space! And the Sand Etched Stone- Which turns you into a little brownie guy. What's nice about this item is that it can also be used as a shrink for tight quarters. Very happy with the June Loyalty Rewards, thanks SOE! Who doesn't like some great freebies?

Inside of the house... I only had a chair in my inventory at the time, lol.

Next post should be showing off some decorating! It is only a one room house so there isn't too much decorating to be done but I'm still excited because I just adore hosing in my games! Have a great weekend! Safe adventures and all that jazz!


  1. Collected my reward, went to go buy the needed mats they don't give you and figured " why not check the housing escrow guy?? Bam, my old T5 house has been sitting there waiting for me. God I'm a moron

    1. Aw, well that had to be a nice surprise though!




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