Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is It Friday Yet? Vanguard SoH June Loyalty Rewards

Hot off the press (forums)... Vanguard June Loyalty Rewards:

Hello everyone! This Friday, June 8th, the June Loyalty Rewards will be turned on and the May Loyalty Rewards will be disabled. The following will be available: -

 The quest "Home, Sweet Home", for characters level 20 in any sphere. The reward is your choice of a Tier 3 housing voucher, which when consumed provides you with the items necessary to build the most basic house type of your preference (note - you will still have to purchase a housing plot with your own funds). 

The second version of "The People's Gift", which now provides 5 KDQ crates (and 2 Veteran's Caches to characters level 50+) 

The quest "The Telonian Emissary", for characters of any level. The reward is a set of appearance plate armor. 

The item "Sand Etched Stone" - speak with any of the Loyalty Rewards Vendors to receive it. The item allows you to temporarily change your appearance to a Qalian brownie (unlimited use). 

 Grab these items while they are available, they won't be around forever!


We already knew about the houses, sweet! The appearance plate armor and illusion item are both really cool. Can't wait to get my hands on these items. Thought I'd pass on the info! Check the original post here.


  1. Awesome, now I can wait for my necro to level and only grind out the tier 5 house. Great news!

    1. I'm so excited about it too :) GL on the grind, hehe!




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