Monday, June 18, 2012


A prop, pose and animation I made last week (SL).

Some of the posts of late might be a bit boring to my regular readers. I've just been doing a lot of work and learning about some new programs and trying to design some stuff in Second Life, which takes a lot more time than you'd think. I've been working on poses, props, scripts, researching animations and a lot of 3D art... Which I am trying to work on getting lower prims. I still have a long way to go but it is due time to take a couple days off of it, I am feeling rather ragged, heh. Add in viewer problems and you get a mental picture of me pulling out my hair, red hair flying all over the place, ha! But I did get my first mesh item uploaded today, too many prims but it is a milestone, to me, to finally have done that!

On a more relaxing note I picked up a collectors edition of Vanguard Saga of Heroes, on Ebay. It should be here towards the end of the week. Only eight bucks! For someone so in love with the game it's a real steal, lol. Sure I didn't need to get it I just wanted my very own CE. Heck, I have collector editions of games I don't even play these days, EQ2.... Rift and a few others I cannot recall, so I may as well grab this one as it's so cheap.

So, now that I am taking a few days to relax in my free time, instead of pouring over 3D programs until my eyes want to pop out... I'm going to try to get 30 in Vanguard and the Unicorn Mount. I'm really excited about finishing up this quest and hitting 30, two milestones for me that are almost within reach. The other night I had to kill 50- three and four- dot mobs, then 23- three- dot mobs. That took a little bit,  but I am a few steps past that, ready to finish it up! Soon I hope.

I'm off to walk my 'widdle' pug boy before it gets too late. Have a great week! Leaving you with a lot of lovely Vanguard pics, as I'm rather short on words lately ;) Safe adventures!


  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2012

    The Vanguard CE is worth it for the sonudtrack alone.

    1. Aye, the soundtrack is amazing can't wait to get the goodies with it, especially that!

  2. GL with the mount. Some of those quests were crazy hard. Think the next guy I level is going shadow hound, see if it's easier.

    1. Omg, yes. I'm on an island with some nasty looking creeps that feign death me and then there is a mean named which snuck up on me... gah! Ready to be done with it!!!




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