Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This week Second Life will be nine years old! I hadn't any idea it was as old as it is, I've only started playing about a year and a half. I just assumed it was a tad younger. There is a wonderful sim(s) up with tons to do to celebrate, lots of awesome birthday freebies, food (om nom nom) and some great sights to see!

I stocked up on a lot of great stuff, still have to go back to finish looking at the whole place. These gifts and setups are all player made, this game offers some of the most innovative and creative passion I've ever seen in a game environment when it comes to players. It is truly the ultimate sandbox.

Happy Birthday, Second Life! Sharing some great shots I took. So many interesting sights to see, I really had a great time with a couple of friends, just exploring and looking around while grabbing gifts. If you'd like to visit the SL9B sim you can find it here. It is well worth the trip! Party on SLers!

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