Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Pleasant Surprise

Last night I logged into Vanguard, on my necro, and was pleasantly surprised to have a mailbox full of things from Rizamp. I've been playing the Disciple mostly lately and hadn't checked the necro so it was a few days and a nice surprise to find some really cool stuff waiting in my mailbox!

I had been wanting to build Dire a house on the plot that I bought, beside my new house. Rizamp offered to give me the mats, which was very awesome! So, many thanks to him! He also gave me some nice housing items that I shared between the two. Lovely additions for our small but lovely homes.

I've mostly been working on the Unicorn Mount Quest on the Disciple. Fantastic XP and I'm a smidgen away from level 29. I hope to have the unicorn mount and level 30 before long but I've been puttering around with housing and crafting a tad.

Crafting in Vanguard is quite relaxing. There isn't a timer or things you need to click before they run out so you can do it at your own leisure which I really like. There is a tutorial in the home towns and there are also work orders you can grab, which provided the necessarily materials. I'm still quite low but I think this is a nice alternative for when I want to just do something laid back.

Sharing some pics of our houses. Hope everyone out there had a nice Father's Day!

My House

Dire's House


  1. You probably know, but Crafting and Diplomacy were both intended to be stand-alone options that offered gameplay equal to adventuring all the way to 50th. I don't think Diplomacy quite achieved that but Crafting pretty much did. There are plenty of quests including some long, detailed quest chains, certainly into the 40s and a great deal of inter-continental and intra-city faction work to keep you occupied.

    I only did Leatherworking to any serious degree, getting to 46th before I gave up because at that time there was nothing in the final four levels that I needed. That occupied dozens of hours just in quests, let alone the actual grinding for whatever the things were called that you need for your rare recipes (which you can now get more easily by fishing, surreally). Definitely the best crafting I've done in MMOs so far, although I never tried SWG crafting, which is always cited as the benchmark.

    1. Yeah, it was one of the aspects that drew me to the game years ago, sadly a cruddy computer combined with a buggy launch prevented me from getting very far. I adore it now though, so much to look forward doing in each sphere!

      I've heard it can get a bit grindy, though I never heard that about fishing, I'll have to keep that in mind. Good to know XD

      My brothers LOVED the depth in SWG, such a shame that game is gone. I've heard so much about the crafting. I would have probably of gave it more of a chance if they hadn't of taken out that beast taming class, lol.

  2. Glad you like it! I love the crafting, it's one of the things that makes me play. I definatly reccomend the Banishers quest line when you can do it, gets you several levels and some amazing gear rewards, plus the quest itself is pretty good. What's you Disiple's name?

    1. Just read that last sentence again. So much fail there.

    2. Lol, silly. Her name is Angel. Added your character to friends but I've been on rather late this week :(




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