Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NBI- YOU DID IT! (Links)

NBI Bloggers! Take your award and display it proudly!

This month we've had a great bunch of additions to the gaming blogosphere with the NBI. I still have many to check out, I've just been so busy but I've enjoyed the additions thus far and look forward to going through the complete list and finding some more wonderful blogs.

It sometimes can take a lot of guts to take that leap and start writing. Keep at it, stick with it and don't get discouraged! While you may not always get comments you will generate readers as time goes. I'm probably one of the worst offenders these days, I read tons of blogs on my phone and don't always get to comment, sometimes when I do it is a day or two later. I'm like a feed reader junkie and really love reading them all, I always love finding new blogs to add to my reader.

A few years ago I cut the list down  because I had several hundred. It's grown again but this time I'm keeping them all in there, sometimes you remove a good blog and can't find it again, gah. Let the list grow! My blogroll doesn't reflect this and one of these days I need to convert it to what I actually have in my feed.

I also wanted to link all the bloggers that have joined the NBI this month, the link was shamelessly stolen from Syp . There were also many wonderful sponsor blog posts this month too, I really enjoyed reading them as well. Check the link to Syp's page for the complete list of advice blogs.

Also a big thanks to Syp for all the hard work and effort put into the project! Also thanks for asking me to be a part of this. While I wasn't as active as other bloggers, due to life getting in the way and a move, I hope I helped with some advice!

My last bit of advice and things to keep in mind:
*Try to be active, keep some sort of schedule. Even if it is one day a week, don't let your blog get too dusty. If you need a few weeks off a good idea is to let readers know- Hey, I'm not gone, just taking a bit of a break. IMO it helps. 

*Be friendly, get to know other bloggers, make friends! You don't have to be best friends, but get out there and comment. Interact with people who comment on your own blog. It really carries over. Even ask to trade links. 

* Proof reading. Skim over your posts at least. I guarantee you'll see something you could fix. I always do. Be proud of your work and presentation. Some people don't like to proofread and editing but many times you'll be really glad you did take a second look. Break things up because, especially on mobile devices, a wall of text can be hard on the eyes as well as hard to follow. 

*Don't get discouraged. We all have those days where we just feel like throwing in the towel. Think things over, the feeling usually goes away, especially if you love writing about what you do. Keep your head up and move forward! I've had a few times where I felt like it but I'm always glad that I kept at it. 

*You're pretty damn awesome! You did it! Don't second guess yourself. We're all just a bunch of gamers here writing about what we love. Take pride in what you do. I am my biggest fan and my own worst critic, don't be too hard on yourself. 

Advice Post
Checking In

If you're not a blogger, the list below has some fresh new blogs full of great reads, take a look at it! If you missed out on the NBI but you still want to have a go at it, there is a lot of information over at the NBI forums and advice to help you get started.

NBI Blog List

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