Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Can Has Pets (Vanguard)

I'm really enjoying the Necro in Vanguard. Over the weekend I took advantage of the double xp. I started at 16 and ended up halfway through 22. Only a few levels under my Disciple now. The Disc is a lot of fun and tough as nails, but I dunno, I think I needed a change. It's been very fun, but then again I love, love, love pet classes and I have to say this is one of my favorites. The mechanics are just right, when it comes to my play-style. I'd even go as far as say it is probably the best Necro class I've played.

My first Necro was in EverQuest and it really is a fun class there too. I loved fear kiting for awhile, aggro kiting got boring sometimes because the mobs could take so long to die and the pets didn't always tank so well- Depending on what you were killing and now if you have a merc. But it was a solid and fun class for the most part. Rift has a great Necro class but it just didn't feel too powerful and I often felt overwhelmed with it compared to my Chloro build. The pets were awesome though. Even the warlock in WoW is a close pet class to the Necro. It just wasn't 'Necro' enough though.

I love the lifetaps, dots, instant cast spells and great pets. Pets in Vanguard are able to wear grafts, which is basically pet gear. EQ is really the only other game I play where you can gear pets, but this goes a step further, the grafts stays with the pet, it doesn't poof if the pet dies. You gain more slots as you level too, love this. The way you obtain grafts is to either buy them, or have someone give you one of course, or you can also harvest them from corpses. How creepy, cool is that?!

Last night I obtained a new pet, he has a limited duration (the tall skeleton in the pic up top), but it is around ten minutes and you can call him back out without worrying about a long cool down (I think it is something like .02, basically a global CD). He only attacks when I am hit but that isn't hard to work out, with lifetaps it's cake. He taunts too which is nice and has a decent amount of hit points. I read this pet was very weak, but he is either bugged or the spell was changed over time, I'm going with the idea that it's been changed some since release. So, I'm really lovin' this pet, I now have him and my standard pet who can tank also. The character feels a lot tougher at this level too. More spells, more pets, more fun.

I've been craving a good pet class for awhile and I'm glad Vanguard is delivering with the Necromancer. My only complaint is that the feign death spell is a quest, seriously?! Ah well it is a tough one so I'll work on it in a few levels, I don't really know anyone anymore.

This is one class that started out slow and really bloomed into a fantastic class. If you want some great Vanguard Necro tips/info VG Necro is a great site, it's older but a lot of data is still very handy. Like how to rename your pet, found that there-/petname (insert name here). There is even a great list of slash commands, even if you're not a Necro it's a handy list.

That's it for today. Right now I have a kid wanting to go swimming before the sun sets! Safe adventures, all! Enjoy the pictures, I loved visiting those places!

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