Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eye Candy

Ding 20 (Necromancer)!

Some other adventurers I stumbled across while traveling in Vanguard, lovely Shaman bird pet there!

Resting under a tree while checking the map. 


Just me and my minion, under the moon. 

Lovely cave in Second Life.

Guardians of the lake.

Twig and I exploring a new sim.

Resting at the lake.

Aw, froggies.

Checking out every interesting corner!


I hope he isn't hungry!

Me, flying as a dragon. 

Lovely sunset (my favorite sky setting in SL- you can pick your own to use or stick with the default). 

Checking someones yard out, so pretty. Kept waiting for them to say 'Get off my lawn'... lol. 

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