Saturday, May 26, 2012

Looking For Land In Tealon

This weekend I'm in real MMORPG mood. Craving a large world to explore and quest within. Vanguard is the game for me this weekend. SOE is having a double experience weekend too, which is awesome for catching up my alt. I thought about playing some EQ2, I'm just at the point where it isn't as appealing anymore. I may login to EQ and work on some AA with my Magician.

For the most part I plan to work on my VG Necromancer over the weekend. I played my Disciple a bit but I felt I was in the mood to play a pet class, I'd have to say the VG necromancer is one of my favorite pet classes. I've already gotten her another level yesterday evening.

I wanted to explore yesterday evening, look for land for my new house. I am so excited about that aspect. So I decided to go off and look around. In Vanguard you purchase a vacant plot then build there. You have to look around different areas sometimes. A lot of plots are near guild halls, which is nice too, if you can find one near your guild.

I also used my new boat (which I dubbed 'Ducky", lol) to travel around and look at land. I didn't find the perfect plot but I found one which was nice, set off alone. I've paid it up for two weeks and I cannot wait to get a house put down there! I like the Qalia areas, those types of houses are nice. I'd like an oriental type (Kojan) but I think all of those plots are 10 gold, vs the 2.5 I paid, so maybe in a few levels I'll shop around.

My own little piece of Telon!

It does take a bit of time to travel but where is the rush? I'm not in any type of rush and it is nice to be able to drink in the scenery and music in an MMO. I'm quite enjoying exploring again. I'm glad I kept my sub going.

I need to find a new guild with my characters, each time I join one it just seems to have less and less people log in. I might look for one this evening, we'll see if there are any active casual ones I can get a hold of. Probably a great night to try, being the weekend and double xp.

The Necro in Vanguard is a really fun class. It feels 'classic'. By that I mean a caster that can't take many hits but has a lot of fun tools to use to help with that, pets, snares, fears and such. Plus the class is pretty flexible with the pet tanking and pet heals, lifetap over time spells. It reminds me of my MMO roots, playing a Necro in EverQuest, my first class in an MMO. I can't wait to get feign death! I really enjoy my Disc a lot but it is relaxing to play a caster in VG.

I'd like to work on my Shaman some but I get so antsy on her that I can't stick with it long. I want 15 for my pet but she's only 11! One of these days I'll work her up some. She's suppose to be my duo char with Dire, but his account has already expired. He's so tired lately he doesn't play much besides D3. But I don't mind, VG is sort of my game to relax and just go off alone in. It's very easy to get lost in a far corner of the world of Telon!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and safe adventures!


  1. Abella Cove! Best location on Telon! And that's where I live.

    Well, it was. I have to go re-buy the plot this weekend. And I need to make some money. I have an entire house and contents in escrow and apparently the June vet reward is all the stuff to make another. Not sure how that works - I thought it was one house per account.

    Either way, I need to put mine back up before all that wonderful beachfront property disappears.

  2. Howdy neighbor... hehehe. It is quite lovely there, love the trees and water. I heard that about two houses too, not sure what is going on with that, I guess we'll find out soon. Can't wait for June!

  3. AnonymousMay 27, 2012

    How does housing work, after buying the plot and having it built? Do you have to play rent as well then? I guess I won't be able to afford one for a long time as my main is only 11. Something nice as a long-term goal though!

    1. From what I gather you just add the items to the plot as you gain them, dump them in and it is set up that way. The cheapest plot is 2.5g to buy and 25s a week, not too bad once you get into the teens really.

  4. My plot is by Hathor Zi, but the granite housing brick quest isn't possible for my 20 necro to do, so thinking about making a smaller house. Although if they are giving me a house, guess there goes that

    1. That's a nice area too near Hathor Zi. I'm still wondering which type of house the materials will be for, probably a smaller one I'd guess.

  5. AnonymousMay 27, 2012

    Hey there! Great reading, I must say! I started for real with Vanguard yesterday and having à blast! I joined à guild called Lux Arcana, which seems really nice. Look it up on internet or in Vanguard. By the way, it would be nice to catch you up in-game, since you remind me of myself as à player. What's your in-game name?

    Anyway, keep up with the writing and have à great day! :)

    // Botanic (Druid, Telon)




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