Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's always nice to stumble upon a castle. 

This weekend SOE had a bonus XP weekend with most games, I had a bit of a busy weekend but I still had some time to get a few levels in Vanguard. I actually worked my Necromancer up to 16 and my Disciple managed to move from 15 to 19. I decided to dust off the Disciple to group with my bud, Rak, last week and ended up feeling like leveling her more. I'll definitely level them both up, right now I've been just having fun going toe to toe with stuff as the Disc. It is a nice change from being 'scared' to get hit. Both are tremendously fun to play but having heals is always a bonus to a group or a duo. I've shied away from healers over the last year but I've always played one and it's a nice to slip back into a class that can heal. Plus, the disciple is one of, if not the, best solo class(es) in the game.

I've been trying to dig up as much info on Vanguard as I can, quests and nice little tidbits of info that would help me as I level. I managed to find a really nice quest chain that I started at 17- The Hunters League quest line (linkage for those that are interested in this chain). Each part of the quest rewards a piece of armor and I've read a weapon is also a reward, so I can't wait to finish it up. These are group quests but I've not needed one as of yet to complete the steps I've been working on. I also managed to snag a nice cloak from a quest. I found a nifty list of things to work on and was happy to find a cloak with some actual stats, heh.

Rak and my Necromancer.

I've been running into more competition for quest mobs, as I level. Some places are more populated so it depends on where you quest. Quest hubs that offer better rewards are bigger hot-spots. It's nice seeing more people around as I level. I've also been messing around with some dungeons and keeps, having  lot of fun and getting upgrades here and there. I'm really enjoying myself in the massive world of Telon. There are still so many choices in where to go and I am finding all kinds of great places and quests as I go. It does take a bit of digging to find some of this stuff but I'm keeping track of what I find to share with others. All links here will be added to my VG tips post (check it out in the link section). Better yet check out my new guide section.

In EverQuest-We managed to acquire our J5 Mercs! Dire and I mostly duo'd the quest with the Mages, using the SK only for the last part (I made him 2box this time, ha). Dire was very happy to get this quest done so I stuck with it because he really wanted it. I'm also glad to have one of my own too.

It wasn't bad but I had a few annoyances along the way and I wasn't in the best of moods. I did rage out and throw some crap (crap= things, including my glasses) off my desk at one point, that made me feel so much better- I have my days, heh (luckily my glasses are still in tact). Plus, Dire got a good laugh out of it.

Anyhow... The J5 merc quest has some annoying parts to it, such as the npc's you hail to save sometimes- sometimes as in almost every other time, for me- attack you, and they're on a 20 min spawn timer. I even had another player calling me a 'stupid asshole' over this in tells, I just pointed out the fact that he was an ignorant idiot who didn't know what the hell was going on. This was the third or so tell I had gotten from his little clueless group, and this was in the process of running to the zone as to not kill these npc's when they triggered an attack. Now we have our uber healer mercs and I still have my glasses, all turned out quite well.

That's about it for today. We had a busy weekend but it turned out pretty productive, at least in EQ :) Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.

Fun fact... This is post number 888. 

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