Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ding! (Vanguard)

Ugh, twelve hours of downtime for Vanguard maintenance today! I have a lot of RL things to do today anyhow, hopefully I get a little time to play this evening though. Last night I managed to hit level 20 with my disciple. At 20 you gain the ability to purchase a faster mount, I picked up a camel mount. He's pretty cute and I was happy to have a faster mount. While it feels pretty fast there are others that are much faster, as you level you gain access to other faster mounts which is pretty nice. This sort of gives you a little something extra to look forward to as you progress through the game. The next mount I want to work on is the Unicorn mount which I hope to start soon. I killed a few of the mobs that start the quest but I didn't have any luck, I was also in the process of finishing up another quest so I'll put this on hold for another few levels.

I had to take a break from the 20+ armor quest line as the mobs I need now are four dot mobs, generally most mobs for quests are two dot mobs, so you can imagine these are quite tough. I could most likely take them on if they didn't come in pairs, it's tough I'll admit so I'll have to wait a few levels. For now I am working on the URT quest for armor and hopefully a weapon. These are pretty easy but long chains, I have enjoyed doing them because they have taken me to places I've never seen. The world of Telon is full of so many beautiful places with such different feels in atmosphere, it is great to travel around and explore them.

Some days I feel like kicking myself for not playing this game years ago, on a more steady basis. Then again I think about how much fun I am having now and I'm sort of glad I get to enjoy it now when I am so burnt out on the same ol' same ol', I appreciate it as it should be. It is refreshing and immersive, I suppose sometimes you have to grow a bit to find just what you really want. I am so very glad that this game is going F2P instead of closing it's doors. I'll say something selfish here- I actually like playing a lesser populated game, even though I do want to see more people playing it- I enjoy smaller communities. I enjoy making a name for yourself, not being some random person in a dungeon but building friendships and those having value and worth. Same with EQ, I suppose that is where it all originates from- my MMO roots.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share some pictures of my travels. I need to change the ways the files save, the quality isn't as high as it should be, and on top of this uploading compresses the files even more, I am able to share them full size at least ($$$ but worth it to me). I keep forgetting to change the format they save in plus last night I had driver problems that caused some corruption and had a nice long battle with my machine. Hopefully I show it who's boss and it starts behaving again ;) My disciple's name is Angel if you'd like to say hello in-game.


  1. Great post, you mentioned changing how the format of saving screen shots is done?

    I am curious to learn about that, as I take a lot of screenies as I run about Telon myself and if I can improve the quality of the shots I would love to.

  2. Hiya Kaozz, It looks like you're having a lot of fun with Vanguard!

    I really love the first picture after your wall of text (I'm joking - don't stab me). I love reading your posts, the longer the better.

    Anyway, what's that green cloud behind the horse?

    Small communities are great, although I don't have time to game still in contact with a few guildmates from the 'large games' I played; WoW, Elder Scrolls, Halo, Mass Effect....

    I most likely will have some time to game, when fall arrives.

    About a week ago, my eight-year olf daughter and I were in Free Realms, I remembered you said you played the game (occasionally). I told my daughter that Mrs. Kaozz plays the game. She knew who you were instantly when I called you that. She reads your blog. ;)

  3. @Anon- You'll need to go into your vgclient.ini file which should be located in your vanguard directory then the bin folder. If you scroll down you'll see where it says "ScreenshotFormat=" you'll add the file format you want there, by default I think it is set to jpg. Hope that helps!

    @Opal- Hey, Lady! More like a wall of pixels, lol. I always add too many of them I think!

    It's real peaceful in this game compared to say WoW, I really enjoy it. For those who like to explore it really is a great place to do so!

    The green cloud was what spawned when I killed a mob for a quest, thought it made for a neat pic, hehe. Some corrupted druid I think it was.

    Aw, tell her kaozz sends a special hello to her! I play FR with my daughter too sometimes. I really like how kid friendly it is.




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