Friday, April 20, 2012


I considered taking TOR up for the free days on my account this week but I'm probably locked out of my account again. For some reason I keep getting locked out and my password keeps getting rest and then I have to head to another website and... meh I can't be bothered. There is currently a weekend pass until the 23rd.

I hear the TOR outbreak event is pretty interesting but seems more aimed at higher levels, unless you want to camp corpse explosions. I suppose that is cool in order to get some fun fluff stuff. Sounds like a fun event and I'm glad to see TOR players getting some new stuff to do, even if it is just an event.

I'm considering downloading TERA to try the open beta. They key for trying it-TERABETA. Pretty easy to remember. You can sign up here. I've not been all that excited about this game because I haven't been following it all that much. I am curious to check it out and an open beta weekend might be the perfect chance to check it out. It lasts until the 23rd as well. I wasn't aware of the MMO-FO ad campaign until Syp poked a bit of fun at it recently. They are kind of funny, I suppose TERA is trying to drawn in players from more popular games getting their attention. It does get one's attention, I don't know if it is in a good way, lol.

And speaking of the 23rd... All SOE games will be down for 24 hours. Ugh, we just had a whole day of downtime in Vanguard recently. I do hope this doesn't run into a 36 hour downtime. I don't look forward to this.

EverQuest is handing out gifts to reoccurring subscribers. I don't get why food and drink are added as gifts, unless they were miraculous or hearty meals. The big bags is kinda neat and a cool new skin for mercs- if you're on the three month or higher deal.

I finally got into MoP with my own account. I'm going to copy my hunter over and check things out with her. I haven't really checked it out again since my initial peek either, so there is still much to see. It seems thus far 400,000 Annual Pass invites have been sent out. That's almost half of them?

If you haven't gotten in MoP beta you might want to try D3 since it is in open beta this weekend. I've checked it out a bit last week, seems fun enough. I've gotten some freezes and I'm not sure if it is an issue with my machine or if it is something with the game. It is beta after all. It reminds me a bit of Dungeon Siege 3. The classes are pretty cool, I like the the witch doctor a lot. I haven't played it very much though, just trying out the different classes.

Last up for today- Tired of making play-lists because you can't repeat with YouTube? A while back my son showed me, which is really cool. I've already stuck a song in a link here, check it out. A pretty handy site, all you do is type repeat before

That's it for today, have a great weekend! TGIF!!

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