Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heroes of Dawn (Vanguard)

Last night Dire and I finished up the Isle of Dawn for his new character. I have to say it was very rewarding, I'm glad we stuck with it and finished it up. I don't like the isle so much solo as I did duo, it was a lot of fun together. We ended up with a couple of titles some really nice armor, weapons and cloaks. We're now Heroes of Dawn, or so our titles say ;)

On the final part we had a ranger team up with us and it went pretty smoothly. Both of us left being pretty close to level eleven. I'm not sure if I will work on my shaman on the side or if I'll level it with him. My plans were to mentor down with my disc to help catch him up. Still weighing the options right now.

Once we were finished I took him to pick up his first mount and bind in Veksal's Exchange. He was pretty tired at this point so we didn't get too far past that. I think he will feel more relaxed now that he is off the island and there is a wider range of quests to choose from. I am hoping the game will make an impression but I still don't know if it will stick with him.

My biggest concern is what happens at end game. There is plenty of group content to work on and raids, lots of faction grinds too. I hope development continues to expand on things to do, we'll have to see once the game goes F2P. There is still plenty to do, the leveling part of the game is probably the most enjoyable for explorers like myself. There is still crafting, fishing, diplomacy, housing, boats- for us to look forward to working on so I don't consider running out of things to do anytime soon. All that plus many levels and alts to look forward to.

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