Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tera Beta

I decided to try out Tera beta this weekend. I wanted to take the chance and try it out while I could. So, I thought I'd share a few impressions on Tera. There are just my thoughts after playing it for a few hours.

First off are the graphics, they are really lovely. The characters look great and move pretty fluidly, the scenery is gorgeous. It is a very good looking game, a nice setting for a fantasy game. It almost reminds me of Aion in the feel but it has a different style to it. The game also has some really nice music as well.

The game play is a tad different. You sort of get used to it after a bit, moving the camera around much like you do in Dragon Nest. I played Vindictus and I'd have to say that they both feel very similar in that area. it is even similar to DCUO. I'm not a huge fan of it as it just makes me feel I have less control. But, as I said, you do get used to it and it is pretty easy to access your menus and windows. Great way to get yourself to start key-binding because, well, you sort of have to, in order to play, lol.

I noticed the game refers to the word ASS a lot, like BMAs (Bad Ass Monsters). Kinda funny but feels a little out of place. I don't know if I've seen the word in the actual game but I've seen it and heard it in a lot of ads and on the website. I take that back- I see a lot of it as my character runs and her skirt flies up, lol.

Back to game play, combat is pretty fast paced. People keep talking about how you have to be on the move constantly, really it isn't like that. You move out of the way while the mob does an attack, then you go back to attacking. Much like you would in a Mario game, heh. You're not just running all over like a maniac and all you have to do is move over to the side while the attack is going off. It is actually pretty decent in that sense. Now, if you're a mystic you can let a pet aggro it for a few seconds (like I do in my video, at the bottom) and then you can just stand there blasting away. I don't know if this works later on but if the game is a fast paced combat game I would imagine it does.

The game has tons of quests, it is engaging and fun. Is it the best MMO out there? No, but it is nice to have this as another option. Will I buy it? I'm not sure. Going to spend a bit more time in beta this weekend and see how I like it as I progress through the game. It is nice to play something fresh and new, very refreshing.

I made a short video, kind of choppy with fraps running but the game does run decently for having such detailed graphics, when fraps isn't going. Just showing the game and combat a tad. Throwing some pics too, enjoy!


  1. Nice video! I'll skip Tera for now at least as I have too many other games on my plate. Looks pretty for sure though I do wish there was an option for 'replace chainmail bikini with decent armour' on NPCs and other players from your perspective. Kind of like the alternate Asian model option in EQ2.

    I'm no prude, but what that poor NPC (Arbiter I think her title was) is wearing is rediculous! ;-)

    Also they're charging a sub for this, whereas I could play Aion for free to get a fix of Asian MMO graphic style instead...

  2. Thank you! I agree with you I thought it was a bit excessive with the panties and skirts flying all over, lol. It wasn't a huge deal but I'd like to see some longer robes. Maybe high end, I haven't seen a lot of the games armor past the starting zones.

    I'd definitely play it were it to go F2P. I have too much going on now and I don't think I could play it as a main game for now.




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