Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Tera beta, my archer. 

Ugh, 24 hour downtime for all SOE games today. I really dislike that, I mean can't they do it in chunks, so I can at least play one of my SOE games while the other is down? I'm not sure why you'd want to do that, as a company, with one game- much less all of your online games. I sometimes boggle over the choices they make, but I do love my SOE games.

I would p lay something in beta but Diablo 3 and Tera are over today. And if you haven't logged into MoP beta as a newbie panda, consider yourself better off. I can't seem to find a good time to try one out without being bombarded by cute, chubby pandas all over the screen. I mean everywhere, I think one popped out and fell onto my desk, scuffled around then jumped back in ;) I could play the hunter but I want to try out the new race and class first.

Is she doomed to be a lowbie forever, in beta at least? Oh yeah, where are all the other pandas in this pic!? ...

Over there.... that's where.

Speaking of betas, Tera was pretty nice. I'm holding off though. I just can't justify buying a game I'm not quite sold on. It is decent but a bit too fast paced; a bit too much clicking for someone who gets stiff wrists from that much clicking and moving within a game. I have moderate wrist issues. You should have seen me when I got Fable 3, I couldn't move my arm without wincing the next day- from all that clicking. The ranged play, in Tera, is much more laid back than the melee.

I did try a melee class, the Slayer, which I really liked. I got sick of seeing panties in my face so I went with a male and he was very awesome looking with that huge sword strapped across his back. It was a bit more involved with movement in fights but it was fun. I  also liked the archer too, another ranged class, The traps were neat and there was a move much like the WoW hunter's disengage, it throws you back several feet.

I had a great time in beta and would love to play it if the game were F2P. I couldn't play it as a main game, maybe as something on the side. The game is just gorgeous though, I was so impressed with the visuals. They were superb. I might give it another go in the future but for now it is on hold. I do wish Tera a wonderful launch!

Diablo 3 beta I dabbled in but not excessively, just not enough time. I liked the classes a lot, I wish we had a necro and druid though. The witch doctor was decent. I am not sure what I will be playing. I have the WoW annual pass- so I will be getting it. It reminded me of Dungeon Siege 3 kind of. I can't exactly say why. I thought the character models were nice, I was more impressed with the males than the females, overall. The males had more of a 'badass' look to them.

I haven't had a ton of time to play Vanguard much recently, yesterday I did spend some time playing it and had a really great time just soloing in Hilsbury Manor and questing. I worked on my faction to get the panther illusion mask, I was so happy when I finished it. You basically grind miners in order to gain faction with some siren mobs. Once you are at 12,000 rep you can do two quests for them and get the mask. It has really great stats plus an instant click with the panther illusion and gives 20%+ run speed and 5%+ haste. I love it! It is great to use indoors. Plus it looks pretty sleek.

I love when games offer cool quests to work on for great items like this mask. I read there is also a skeleton illusion as well. It is higher up, can't wait to do that. I am now 25. I put the unicorn mount quest on hold as I died a bit traveling around with it, like the time I parachuted into three dot level 37 mobs. I lost about half a level worth of xp goofing around. I'm going to pick it back up around 29 or 30.


I really enjoy Vanguard. Taking detours and exploring, stumbling upon quests and seeing some really great areas. It really draws you in and makes you feel as if you are playing an RPG almost. I received my veteran rewards with the Venerable title, some furniture and a very, very cool wolf (fluff) pet.

I'm sad I can't play it today /sulk. I'm not sure what I'll play. I was downloading Runes of Magic again but it stopped at 2gigs last night.... I have it going again. We'll see how that turns out. I will poke around in WoW most likely. I've been considering sending my Druid to the Alliance because I miss having her there. I'm still not sure. I'll just have to see what I feel like playing. I was thinking about EQ2... But, yeah, SOE game too, lol.

If you play a SOE game today what will you be playing? How long do you estimate we go over? LoL! Have a great week!


  1. I liked the little bit I played Terra. It looks pretty and supports a gamepad which is awesome. I did play some Diablo III and all I can say is May 15th can't come soon enough!

  2. Not too much of a wait left now! Will be nice to have something else to play around with when it releases :)




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