Thursday, March 17, 2011

RIFT 1.2 Thoughts

So, the 1.2 patch hit RIFT today and I really like the additions. I wanted to briefly touch on the automated Looking for group tool. Very nice, though it has taken me some time to get a group as support. I wanted to try the bard first then work on the chloromancer. Something I noticed right away, something was missing, queuing for multiple roles! In a game like this, multiple roles make this game shine, I think this is something the developers need to implement. Other than that, I'm very happy to see this in Rift.

Appearance slots! You can also hide shoulder slot items, I noticed today, kind of cool. Right now the appearance slot thing is sort of, well, okay. This will really be great higher up though for characters that want to wear a certain item but they've outgrown its use. I look forward to that day, for now I barely have anything cool saved up. In WoW I still have my S1 Gladiator's set, one day I will be able to run around in it again...A girl can dream!

The appearance items on the clothier merchant, beside the dye merchant, in Meredian, offers gear that looks like starter gear. The only thing is, anyone, and I mean anyone, can use it. You can look like a plate wearing newbie! Nothing spectacular, which has me wondering why it is selling for plat instead of silver. I am still pretty bummed about that, I'm just a poor newbie still anyhow.

These two additions alone really set the game in a good place. Who doesn't like appearance slots?! And same server queues seem like a good idea, though on my server.... I think it will be pretty dead in certain level ranges. I'm on a low pop server.

I hear some of the dungeons (higher up) had some reworking, aka, making them easier. Plenty of tears and sobs over this. Hold on.

/whips out the worlds smallest violin...

Anyhow, that is about it. Wanted to make some comments while they were fresh on my mind. Safe adventures all!


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