Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where I Am (RIFT, EQ2, FW)

Wandering around.
I've not written much about RIFT lately. I suppose after the initial first area, the part of the game I enjoyed so much sort of evaporated. I mostly leveled to 19 from invasions and rifts, I find them to be the best part of the game, the most fun. Heading to the new area I noticed nobody was engaging in rifts and most of the invasions, well, I had to run away from them because nobody was around.

Another thing that sort of got to me was the travel. By the time I left the city gates to get to my destination I was already bored from the travel time. I'm sorry but making people travel on foot isn't going to make a game seem bigger. If you want a cutting edge MMO, don't leave in the most tedious aspects! I suppose I just got a bit bored with questing and not seeing much action in the new area. Maybe it's being on a lower population server, I'm not going to over analyze it.

All in all it's a really fun game and it has a lot of potential but for now it's just sort of losing it's sparkle for me. So I'm just going to let it go for awhile and pick it back up later.

My Hero, carry me from quest to quest!
Forsaken World
What has been keeping my interest mostly? Forsaken World. It's really been a lot of fun and I'm a smidgen away from 27 now. There are lots of daily quests, tons of quests in general and lots to do on the side. Groups are easy to get in and out of and not too complicated. While I notice some of the boss mechanics are changing a bit, more awareness required, it's still pretty fun.

I really want to get to 30 for new gear a permanent mount and the pet trainer skill. So, I'm looking forward to that stuff and enjoying the game along the way. I wasn't sure how engaging the game would be, upon starting, but it's really a game with a lot to offer, and free at that! If it had a subscription would I still play it? I really think I would.

Dire really likes the game a lot, it's his main game these days. He seems to enjoy the protector class a lot and tanking with it. We're pretty close in the same level range, which is good as I don't want to level too far ahead of him. It's a great game for him to get in and out of quickly, do a group here and there.

EverQuest II
I'm mostly playing around on the EQ2X server again, as I am letting my subs go for everything next month. Since a free game is getting most of my attention there really isn't a need to sub for anything next month. I do really enjoy all of the fun stuff EQ2 has to offer so it's nice being able to pop in and do the events. I am glad the option is available for this reason.

Recently I figured out how to 'break out of my house' and put some neat stuff 'outside' my house. Basically you need a teleporter set and you can do this with the houses that show an outdoor area. It's not frowned upon by SOE, but it's also not supported. I've made a little cottage but have plans to do more as I get more items. It's looking neat and I am having fun with it, thus far. Other than that I'm just messing around with Brew Day quests and taking my time.

Some pictures below of the outdoor area. It will be a work in progress for awhile. Feel free to visit it in-game though. Sable-EQ2X- (Freeblood Lair) located in South Qeynos. {To break out of the Freeblood Lair all you need is a set of teleporters. You do not need to change any layout files, like needed in other houses. You simply stand on the patio/deck area zoom the camera out all the way and spin around the invisible wall. From here you can place a teleporter below. Pretty simple!}
Hall leading to the patio.
Looking down off the patio at the outdoor area.
My little beachfront cottage.
Up close.

Looking up at the patio.

That's what I've been up to, where I am now in my games, I just have to play what feels fun. I hate to let RIFT go, so soon, but it will be there in the future. I'm having fun and cutting down on some subs in the process so it's all good :) Oh and don't miss the EQ2X event this evening- 6:00 pm PDT (Freeport Server): Brewday Party!


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