Friday, March 18, 2011

EQ2 Brewday Party

Yesterday evening there was a community event on the Freeport server in EQ2, the Brewday party. Community events are always fun in EQ2, lots of people gathered around, talking, messing about and just enjoying a fun little event. 

It's something that a lot of MMO games don't do so I always try to attend them. Plus sometimes Amerys ( EQ2 community manager) sometimes hands out little treats and this time we got a Fungi Illusion Clicky (little mushroom man), it was too cool! I thought I'd just share some cool pics I took. It was a  neat event, as always!

Waiting outside for the event.

Everyone is ready to party!

There was some swimming..

 Cool hats and cloaks could be bought from a vendor.

Hangin' out.

Group pic!

Havin' a brew!

Fungi time!

Time to kick back, too much partying!


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