Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Island Adventures (Vanguard)

So busy taking this shot I didn't see the lava was killing us... he falls just as I take the shot. 

I still dislike the island starting (ISLAND) area in Vanguard. I prefer the racial starting areas. However, Dire has started and wants to finish up this quest line, so I'm playing through it with an alt I had there. I have a little shaman who was sitting at level five and she is now level nine in order to help him through the main quest line.

So, we're chipping away at his quest and he seems to be enjoying himself. The island can be a bit brutal at times, you often get many mobs at once, for a new player it can be a bit overwhelming. I keep telling him it's much nicer once you're off the island, a more leisurely pace of battle and mobs are spread out a lot better. Generally speaking, it depends on what you're going after but solo quests are a lot easier than the ones they island lists as solo.

He's tried to join up with a few groups in the last part of the island, only getting ignored, which doesn't speak very well for the community to a new player. Of course they don't count for it as a whole but it keeps happening and it is a bit annoying when you have two groups, in a dungeon, going after the same mobs and they don't want to team up. Once he leaves the island though we'll plow through some stuff with our disciples.

Yeah, he picked the same class as I. Fine with me, it's a really fun class. He's getting the hang of it too. I know a few tips to share with him that took a bit for me to pick up so I'm trying to guide him so he doesn't feel too lost. I don't feel lost anymore but I do a lot of research on games I play, especially those as massive as Vanguard.

The last few days I've been puttering around looking for another place to level up for a bit, and getting sidetracked. I've been exploring too as I wander around, checking out land for housing and such things. I really want a house but I need a lot more coin to buy the materials, so that will have to be put on hold. I looked into it tonight and was a bit deflated when I saw the prices, I can buy a plot but the materials will take quite awhile to gather.

Things are going well while I try to get Dire a feel for the game. I just want him to get off that damned island. I'm still debating if I should work on the shaman some after he leaves or not, I hear they are a pain until 15 but after that they are pretty fun. I'll have to think on it for a few days. I think he wants me to play my disc with him some first though, he wants to see what I've been telling him about, how great the class is. I die about once or twice a day, it's not invincible, and I poke my nose into things I shouldn't more often than not, heh. I am always curious and like to explore. I do wish I had invisibility! Ah, guess we can't have it all and feign death is pretty awesome to have, especially as a healer.

More as we advance him off the blasted isle of the dawn! That's it for today, sharing some pics (and a great song), enjoy.

The beach at dusk.

A new look, I love the appearance tab in vanguard.

Our guild hall across the island on that hill. I was exploring for land (housing plots). 

I so wish these mounts were permanent!

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